10’x20′ Storage Unit Size Guide Toronto

When it comes to self-storage, the 10’x20′ unit is a space powerhouse. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the versatility and utility of a 10’x20′ storage unit, addressing common questions and providing valuable insights into this generous storage solution.

How big is a 10'x20' storage unit?

Dimensions Explored: A 10’x20′ storage unit is exactly as its name implies: 10 feet in width and 20 feet in length, providing a substantial 200 square feet of storage space. It’s a roomy option, ideal for those with extensive storage needs.

Ceiling Height: Most 10’x20′ storage units come with an 8-foot ceiling, providing a generous 1,600 cubic feet of storage space. However, the actual height may vary due to specific storage facility designs.

What items can be stored?

Here’s a list of items that can typically fit inside a 10’x20′ storage unit:

  • Sectional sofas or multiple larger couches
  • Complete dining room sets with an even larger table and more chairs
  • King-sized mattresses and bed frames with a complete bedroom set
  • Multiple dressers, wardrobes, nightstands, and additional bedroom furniture
  • Coffee tables, end tables, accent furniture, and extra seating
  • Numerous armchairs, recliners, or a variety of furniture combinations
  • Additional bookshelves and larger storage units, such as wardrobes or cabinets


  • Large refrigerators or multiple appliances, including stoves and ovens
  • Full-size washer and dryer units with room for other appliances
  • Dishwashers, additional kitchen equipment, and countertop appliances

Outdoor Equipment:

  • Bicycles, lawnmowers, extensive garden equipment, and seasonal items
  • Multiple sets of larger seasonal decorations and a wide range of sports gear, including golf clubs, skis, and more


  • Big flat-screen TVs, extensive entertainment centers, home theater setups, and gaming consoles
  • Extensive book collections, media libraries, and multiple musical instruments, including larger ones
  • Collectibles, hobby items, and leisure-related equipment, along with significant vinyl records or media collections


  • Office furniture and equipment for a home office or small business, including desks, filing cabinets, and conference tables
  • Increased inventory or product stock for a business, with room for shelving and organization
  • Business records, documents, and archives, and extra space for record-keeping


  • Multiple medium to large-sized boxes and a variety of storage containers
  • Gardening and outdoor supplies, such as extensive equipment and tools
  • Personal records and archives, accommodating additional filing cabinets and documentation
  • Luggage, travel gear, and storage for other miscellaneous items, offering plenty of space for easy access and organization.

What are the efficient packing strategies?

To make the most of the space in a 10’x20′ storage unit, effective packing is essential. Here are some tips to optimize your storage experience:

  • Utilize vertical space by stacking items and boxes efficiently.
  • Invest in sturdy shelving units to keep your items organized.
  • Disassemble larger furniture items when possible to save space.
  • Create well-defined pathways within the unit for easy access.
  • Stack efficiently for space optimization.
  • Use sturdy shelves for neat storage.
  • Save space by taking apart large items.
  • Create organized access paths within the unit.

Restrictions and Regulations

Be aware of what you can and cannot store in a 10’x20′ storage unit. Common restrictions may include:

  • Dangerous Substances 
  • Easily Spoiled Goods 
  • Prohibited Goods 
  • Animals in Transit or Pets 
  • Medical Drugs and Medications 
  • High-Value and Unique Items
  •  Non-Compliant or Uninsured Vehicles 
  • Inflammable or Ignitable Substances 
  • Explosive Devices or Pyrotechnics

Review your storage facility’s rental agreement for a comprehensive list of restricted items.

How do I find cheap 10'x20' storage units near me?

To find affordable 10’x15′ storage units near you:

  • Compare Prices: Visit facility websites, check for promotions, and compare rates.
  • Contact Facilities: Call or visit in person to inquire about rates and availability.
  • Ask for Recommendations: Seek advice from friends and check local ads.
  • Consider Location: Explore facilities in less crowded areas.
  • Negotiate: Don’t hesitate to discuss discounts with facility managers.
  • Check Reviews: Read online reviews for insights into reputation.
  • Prioritize Security: Ensure your chosen facility has adequate security.
  • Shared Space: Consider sharing with someone to split costs if you don’t need the entire unit.

10'x20' Storage Unit FAQ

Can a small boat or watercraft fit in a 10’x20′ storage unit?

Certainly, a small boat or watercraft, such as a kayak, canoe, or personal watercraft, can easily fit within a 10’x20′ storage unit. This spacious unit provides sufficient room for secure storage of your water-related equipment while protecting it from the elements and ensuring easy access when needed.

Can a classic car fit in a 10’x20′ storage unit?

Yes, a 10’x20′ storage unit is suitable for storing a classic car. With its larger dimensions, this unit offers ample space to safely store and protect your valuable vintage automobile, as well as any car-related accessories or tools you may have.

Can a business inventory stock fit in a 10’x20′ storage unit?

Absolutely, a 10’x20′ storage unit is an excellent choice for storing a substantial business inventory or product stock. With ample space, you can efficiently organize your inventory, and the unit can accommodate shelving and storage systems to help keep your products well-organized and easily accessible.

What are the size comparisons of a 10’x20′ storage unit?

Visualizing the size of a 10’x20′ storage unit is easier when compared to common spaces:

– Offers extensive room for the contents of a three- to four-bedroom house.

– Roughly equivalent in size to a standard two-car garage.

How much does it cost to rent a 10’x20′ storage unit?

The cost of a 10’x20′ storage unit ranges from $150 to $300 or more per month. The cost of a 10’x20′ storage unit varies depending on factors like your facility’s location, unit availability, and additional features. To find specific pricing, contact your nearest storage facility or search online. 

How many boxes can a 10’x20′ storage unit hold?

A 10’x20′ storage unit can typically hold between 80 to 100 or more standard-sized moving boxes, depending on how efficiently you stack and organize them. The actual number of boxes it can accommodate may vary based on the size of the boxes and how you arrange them within the unit. 

In conclusion, the 10’x20′ storage unit is a spacious and versatile solution that can cater to a wide range of storage needs. Whether you’re
decluttering your home, storing furniture, or safeguarding personal items, this generously-sized storage space offers efficient organization and convenient access. Embrace the potential of the 10’x20′ storage unit – it’s roomy, versatile, and ready to meet your storage requirements!

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