10*30 Storage Unit Size Guide Toronto

We understand that your belongings carry sentimental worth beyond their physical form. Inside each item are enduring memories and personal narratives. Whether you’re in the midst of a major relocation and need a safe space for your furniture or downsizing for a new phase, our spacious 10×30 self-storage units offer economical rates and convenient accessibility.

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How big is a 10x30 storage unit?

Dimensions Explored: A 10’x30′ storage unit is exactly as its name suggests: 10 feet in width and 30 feet in length, providing a grand 300 square feet of storage space. It’s an exceptionally spacious option, perfect for those with substantial storage needs.

Ceiling Height: Most 10×30 storage units feature an 8-foot ceiling, ensuring significant vertical storage space, although specific heights may vary based on facility designs.

What does a 10x30 storage unit look like?

A 10×30 storage unit is quite spacious, offering 300 square feet of storage area. To help you visualize it, think of it as a large one-car garage, but taller and with more floor space. The unit is typically 10 feet wide, 30 feet long, and has a high ceiling, allowing you to store a wide variety of items, including furniture, appliances, boxes, and even vehicles.

In practical terms, you can store the contents of a multi-bedroom house in a 10×30 unit. Imagine storing the furniture and belongings from a three to four-bedroom house: sofas, dining sets, bedroom furniture, appliances like washers and dryers, bicycles, and numerous boxes of personal items. You could also store business inventory, office equipment, or even a car or small boat in this size of a unit.

How To Optimize Storage Space

To make the most of the space in a 10’x30′ storage unit, effective packing is essential. Here are some tips to optimize your storage experience:

  • Use vertical space by stacking items and boxes efficiently.
  • Invest in sturdy shelving units to keep your items organized.
  • Disassemble larger furniture items when possible to save space.
  • Create well-defined pathways within the unit for easy access to your belongings.
  • Get rid of items you no longer need. Donate, sell, or discard things that are no longer useful to you. This reduces the number of items you need to pack and store.
  • Try to use boxes that are of the same size. This makes stacking them much easier and maximizes the use of space.
  • Use Vacuum-Sealed Bags: For clothing, bedding, and soft items, consider using vacuum-sealed bags. 
  • Use Furniture as Storage: Use dressers, wardrobes, and drawers to store smaller items. Utilize the space inside furniture pieces to maximize storage capacity.

What Can Be Stored in 10x30 Storage Unit

A 10’x30′ storage unit can accommodate a wide array of items, making it suitable for various storage needs. Here’s a table representing some common items that can be stored in a 10×30 storage unit




Large sofas, Beds (including frames and mattresses), Dining sets (tables and chairs), Chairs, Chests of drawers, Small dressers, Twin or queen mattress, Small couches, Lamps, Coffee tables, TV stands


Refrigerators, Washers, Dryers, Toasters, Microwaves, Vacuum cleaners, Fans, Window air conditioners

Boxes and  Personal Belongings

Boxes of various sizes (for personal belongings and seasonal items)


Small boats, ATVs (All-Terrain Vehicles), Motorcycles, Bicycles, Lawn mowers

Seasonal & Sports Items

Sporting equipment, Outdoor gear, Seasonal items


Large office furniture (desks, cabinets), Small office equipment, Extra inventory, Paper documents

Collections & Household Items

Larger collectibles, Oversized household items, Books, Toys, Instruments, Collectibles, Records


Small boats, ATVs, Motorcycles


Larger gardening equipment (mowers, tillers), Large musical instruments (pianos, drum sets), Small to medium-sized boxes, Gardening supplies, Oversized personal records (documents, files), Luggage

This table outlines the diverse range of items that can be accommodated in a 10×30 storage unit, making it a versatile option for various storage needs.

What items are commonly restricted from being stored in a 10'x30' storage unit?

Be aware of what you can and cannot store in a 10’x30′ storage unit. Common restrictions may include:

  • Perishable Items
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Illegal Items
  • Pets
  • Firearms and Ammunition
  • Valuables
  • Unregistered or Inoperable Vehicles
  • Uninsured Items
  • Noxious Odors
  • Liquids
Review your storage facility’s rental agreement for a comprehensive list of restricted items.

How do I find cheap 10'x30' storage units near me?

To find affordable 10’x30′ storage units near you:

  • Compare Prices: Visit facility websites, check for promotions, and compare rates.
  • Contact Facilities: Call or visit in person to inquire about rates and availability.
  • Ask for Recommendations: Seek advice from friends and check local ads.
  • Consider Location: Explore facilities in less crowded areas.
  • Negotiate: Don’t hesitate to discuss discounts with facility managers.
  • Check Reviews: Read online reviews for insights into reputation.
  • Prioritize Security: Ensure your chosen facility has adequate security.
  • Shared Space: Consider sharing with someone to split costs if you don’t need the entire unit.

10'x30' Storage Unit FAQ

How many vehicles fit in a 10×30 storage unit?

While you can’t park vehicles directly, a 10×30 unit can store multiple cars, trucks, or motorcycles. For vehicle storage, consider dedicated options, including enclosed units, with sizes starting from 10×20.

What size home can a 10×30 unit accommodate?

A 10×30 unit suits the contents of a four-bedroom home. Its 300 square feet provide ample space. Measure your items accurately; consider a slightly larger unit if uncertain. Some facilities may offer 10×30 units based on demand for larger homes.

How many boxes fit in a 10×30 unit?

With 3,000 cubic feet, a 10×30 unit accommodates numerous boxes of various sizes. The exact number varies based on box dimensions. My Storage offers a variety of box sizes, ensuring flexible storage within a 10×30 unit.

How can a 10×30 unit be used during a move?

A 10×30 storage unit provides versatile solutions during moves, offering spacious storage for household belongings, furniture, and business inventory. Ideal for short-term or long-term gaps between moves, downsizing, or expanding businesses, it simplifies the moving process.

How much does it cost to rent a 10’x30′ storage unit?

The cost of a 10’x30′ storage unit ranges from $200 to $500 or more per month. However, the cost varies depending on factors like your facility’s location, unit availability, and additional features. To find specific pricing, contact your nearest storage facility or search online. Many facilities offer flexible rentals, no long-term commitments, and free reservations.

Look for discounts and move-in specials on select units to find budget-friendly options.
In conclusion, the 10’x30′ storage unit is an expansive and adaptable solution catering to diverse storage needs. Whether you’re decluttering your home, storing furniture, or safeguarding personal items, this generously-sized storage space offers efficient organization and convenient access. Embrace the potential of the 10’x30′ storage unit – it’s roomy, versatile, and ready to meet your storage requirements.

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