5 Business You Can Run From A Storage Unit

5 Business You Can Run From A Storage Unit

To a lot of people’s surprise, there is a wide range of smaller businesses that can run from a storage unit. It’s great if you are figuring out a setup for your business. In any case, a storage unit may be a good idea for small star-ups. Let’s have a look:

Art Gallery

A storage unit is a wonderful space to have on your hands if you’re looking at a full-blown studio or simply a place to store artwork that isn’t currently on display. 

It is a modern facility which is probably safer than most rentable spaces and homes. A lot of these more modern facilities will have impressive climate control, safety features and 24 hour CCTV.

If you’ve rented a unit big enough then there’s nothing holding you from making up your private installation and having people over for a launch or to show possible buyers your artworks.


Managing inventory can be a tough job when running an e-commerce business. 

From handling stock, packing orders to printing labels and a lot more needs to be taken care of. It’s not sustainable to operate an eCommerce business from your home in the long term. One needs to store the goods for smoothly running the business.

A storage unit provides a convenient and flexible stepping stone for an initial run, or till the time you have enough capital to rent an actual office.


  • A book dealing business needs a lot of storage. If you’re running out of space in your own home or just want your personal space back then maybe you should consider a storage unit for your book dealing business.

A storage unit is a perfect place for this business as its well-insulated, climate-controlled and with 24/7 CCTV- ideal for any book dealer.

Vintage Furniture

A storage unit will be a great idea if you’re reselling vintage furniture.

Storing and doing basic upholstering and maintenance work on your pieces of furniture, a storage unit provides a low-cost space for both.

Renting a storage unit to keep all your material in is a great and cost-effective method to keep the mess out of your garage and build a healthy home/work balance, whether you have your little pop-up store, or you’re selling online.


If you’re a photographer then a space to store your equipment and edit photographs might be just what you need. As a freelance photographer, setting up a stationary studio that doesn’t need to come down every time you have people over can be a great relief for your workload and for your work/ life balance.

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