5 Rules for Self-Storage Success: Master Your Space

Rules for Self-Storage

Storing your belongings in a self-storage unit is a convenient option when you’re running out of space or going through a transition. The best thing with storage units is they provide more room to you without breaking the bank. Besides, they’re an ideal solution for creating a personal space where you can keep various items, ranging from hobby goods to boxes of files from your business.

With so many diverse ways to use a storage unit, several people might not recognize the limitations on what you can store there. In addition to certain constraints on item suitability, consider these five helpful storage tips to keep you and your belongings safe:

      1. Label Your Boxes: No one likes to open all the boxes to find a single item. To protect yourself from unnecessary extra efforts, prefer using a permanent marker to label the side of each box with a general description. This will make finding your belongings a breeze.

      2. Stick to the rules: Be sure to review all the rules laid out by the storage facility when signing up for storage. Owners mention the rules and regulations of the units, along with essential directions and requirements to follow that will further increase the safety of both you and your belongings. These sometimes include no smoking, no animals (dead or alive), no illegal items, avoid perishable items, etc. Following these guidelines can prevent any confusion over responsibility and liability.

      3. Use caution in item placement: When you begin relocating items into your storage unit, use care in piling items. Avoid hoarding anything too high, as this boosts the chance the entire column will fall over. Keep big, heavy things, such as furniture and large boxes, in the bottom, and place lighter and more delicate items on top.

      4. Make Room to Navigate: Be sure to keep a clear, open path that allows you to move through the unit effortlessly. This will keep you from getting trapped and also provide a quick exit in case of an emergency. Create aisles between your boxes and furniture. Your self-storage provider’s unit size guide can help you select a unit with enough room to store and retrieve your belongings.

      5. Clean Your Belongings: No matter what the item is, if you want to keep your belongings in excellent condition while in self-storage, make sure to clean your things properly before keeping them aside. Wood, leather, and upholstered furniture—as well as clothes and appliances—should be cleaned first and then kept there.

Once you have followed these steps, your space will look much managed and clean. Your self-storage owners will be happy with you as well.

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