5’x10′ Storage Unit Size Guide Toronto

In the realm of self-storage, size plays a significant role in determining the utility of a unit. One size that often goes underappreciated is the 5’x10′ storage unit. It may seem small on the surface, but don’t be quick to underestimate it. This comprehensive guide will explore the potential of the 5’x10′ storage unit and address some common questions people have about it.

How big is a 5'x10' storage unit?

10’x15’ 3 Bedrooms

Dimensions Explored: A 5’x10′ storage unit is precisely what its name implies. It’s 5 feet in width and 10 feet in length, resulting in a total area of 50 square feet. This size is typically enough to store the contents of a small one-bedroom apartment or a significant amount of seasonal items and boxes. 

Ceiling Height: Most 5’x10′ storage units come with an 8-foot ceiling, providing up to 400 cubic feet of storage space. However, it’s essential to note that the actual height may vary due to specific storage facility designs.

What Items Can Be Stored

  • Chairs
  • Small dressers
  • Twin or queen mattresses
  • Small couches
  • Coffee tables
  • Lamps
  • TV stands


  • Toasters
  • Microwaves
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Fans
  • Window air conditioners

Outdoor Equipment:

  • Bicycles
  • Lawn mowers
  • Motorcycles
  • Seasonal items
  • Sports gear


  • TVs
  • Books
  • Toys
  • Instruments
  • Collectibles
  • Records


  • Small office equipment
  • Extra inventory
  • Paper documents


  • Small to medium-sized boxes
  • Gardening supplies
  • Personal records
  • Luggage

Remember that the actual items you can store may vary based on their dimensions and your packing techniques.

What Are The Different Packing Strategies?

Once you’ve decided what to store, it’s crucial to employ effective packing strategies:

  • Stack items vertically to make full use of the unit’s height.
  • Avoid leaning items against the unit walls, as this can create safety hazards.
  • Place heavier items at the bottom of boxes to provide a stable base.
  • Keep a clear path down the center of your storage unit for easy access to your items.
  • Label boxes and create an inventory list to quickly identify the contents of each box.
  • Group similar items together for easy access and organization.
  • Utilize sturdy shelving units or pallets to keep items off the floor to protect them from potential moisture or pest issues.
  • Use clear containers to see contents without opening, reducing the chance of misplacing items.

Restrictions and Regulations

It’s crucial to be aware of what you can and cannot store in a 5’x10′ storage unit. Common restrictions include:

  • Hazardous Materials
  • Perishable Items
  • Illegal Items
  • Live Animals or Pets
  • Pharmaceuticals and Prescription Drugs
  • Valuables and Irreplaceable Items
  • Unregistered or Uninsured Vehicles
  • Flammable or Combustible Materials
  • Explosives or Fireworks

Always review the rental agreement from your storage facility for a comprehensive list of restricted items.

How do I find cheap 5'x10' storage units near me?

To find affordable 5’x10′ storage units near you:

  • Compare prices and promotions from multiple facilities.
  • Check for discounts, including introductory offers and long-term rental deals.
  • Consider locations slightly farther from high-demand areas.
  • Negotiate for better rates, especially for extended rentals.
  • Check for additional fees and payment options.
  • Read online reviews for facility reputation and service quality.
  • Share a unit with someone if you don’t need the entire space.
  • Balance cost with factors like location and security. 
  • Read the rental agreement carefully before committing.

5'x10' Storage Unit FAQ

How much does a 5’x10′ storage unit cost?

In smaller towns, the cost ranges from $100 to $150 per month, while in larger cities, prices can range from $150 to $250 or more per month. However, the actual cost is determined by factors like your facility’s location, unit availability, and additional features. To find specific pricing, contact your nearest storage facility, or search online. Keep an eye out for discounts and move-in specials on select units to find affordable options.

Can a king-size bed fit in a 5’x10′ storage unit?

A standard king-size bed typically measures around 76 inches in width and 80 inches in length. A 5×10 storage unit, on the other hand, provides 5 feet (60 inches) in width and 10 feet (120 inches) in length.

Can a small sofa fit in a 5’x10′ storage unit?

A small sofa, such as a loveseat or compact couch, can usually fit comfortably within a 5×10 storage unit. However, it’s advisable to measure the dimensions of the sofa and the storage unit to ensure it fits, and leave some space for other items you may want to store alongside it. 

How many boxes can a 5’x10′ storage unit hold?

The number of boxes a 5’x10′ unit can hold depends on the size of your boxes and how you pack them. If you’re storing only boxes, you can fit up to 20 large boxes comfortably, with some room to spare. If you’re combining boxes with furniture or appliances, consider using a mix of small, medium, and large boxes
for efficient space utilization.

What are the size comparisons of a 5’x10′ storage unit?

For visual clarity, it’s helpful to compare the 5’x10′ unit to everyday objects or spaces. Here are some common comparisons:

– A 5’x10′ unit is akin in size to a standard walk-in closet.

– It offers enough space for a person to comfortably stand while accessing their belongings.

– In terms of scale, it’s comparable to the size of a guest or half bathroom or even a large outdoor shed.

In conclusion, the 5’x10′ storage unit may appear modest, but it is versatile and capable of accommodating a wide range of items. Whether you’re looking
to declutter your living space, establish a home office, store hobby materials, or manage business inventory, this compact space offers efficient organization. Don’t underestimate the potential of the 5’x10′ storage unit – it’s a small space that can make a big impact on your storage needs.

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