7 Tips to Preserve Your Furniture While in Storage

preserve your furniture
Moving furniture into a storage facility can give you a long list of benefits. Storage units provide large and safe places that you can access at your convenience. They are a major help whilst shifting as they give you a place for bulky and large household items, pieces of equipment, and furniture. In order to keep your furniture safe and in its best condition, it is important to pay attention to a few details before storing it away. Here are 7 checks that can help you out:

Clean up:

Cleaning up is key – this holds true for both, your furniture and the storage unit itself. Ensure there are no insects or wetness on your objects or in the facility itself as both those things will only cause bigger issues. All items should be dusted off, leaving no debris and surfaces must be wiped clean or polished with protectors so they can steer away from any pest infestations or damages. Make sure you clear all drawers and closets of any foods or perishable items they might have stuck inside them.

Moisture control:

Moisture is the enemy of safety and cleanliness in any storage facility. It is advised to opt for a climate-controlled facility for furniture storage as they help with maintaining temperature levels and keeping your furniture dry. Plastic coverings and shrink wrap also aid in avoiding moisture build-up. Leave some gap between the floors and edges of the room and our belongings for air to pass through so your your items receive proper ventilation needed to avoid any bacteria/moisture.

Strategised spacing:

It is essential to plan and evaluate how you will position your furniture and whether or not you will need a bigger space. Dissembling all your items will help you in utilizing the whole space properly while making the unit look neat and tidy. Avoid stacking your furniture as not all pieces might have the threshold to take the bulky weight of something else. Stacking also causes nasty scratches and damages to multiple objects at once, making it a bad choice of organization.

Fragile and treasured items:

Items made of glass or anything that is prone to breakage must be kept separately so that appropriate arrangements can be made while transporting and storing them. You might need a different vehicle for transport or a smaller unit to store them safely. Access should be limited and not universal to the storage unit if you plan on storing any expensive, treasured pieces of furniture. If you plan on storing these away in the long-term, consider surveillance and security as prime parameters to keep them safe and unharmed.

Invest in insurance:

Most storage facilities offer decent security and safety services which will leave you reassured. However, in some cases, the facility or your particular unit could be subject to risks like fire or water damage that might be beyond the control of the storage unit company. To avoid loss of any items that will be difficult to replace or retrieve, get an insurance policy that offers reasonable coverage for your storage unit and your belongings inside.

Professional logistics:

It can be a tad difficult to pack up and move things to a storage facility minus the damages. Reach out to professionals at My Storage as we offer truck rentals and merchandise that can help you pack up. This allows you to avoid stuffing everything (and potentially harming or damaging it all) in your vehicle while transporting it to the storage unit. Likewise, we provide assistance in understanding what size of a unit would be best for you, so you don’t end up cramming all objects in one space.

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