Best Storage Solution For Your Residence
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Best Storage Solution For Your Residence

We all suffer from owning too much stuff – not knowing what to keep and what to throw away. Over a period of time, no matter how short, we somehow end up accumulating things. Decluttering, therefore, is really important, if you want to find things right when you need them. Decide what you really need, rest of the stuff you donate, reuse, recycle, or dispose of.  Now to deal with the stuff that you have decided to keep, let’s help you get started:
  1. Identify your storage space – The first step towards organizing your stuff is to locate the space where you want to store stuff.
  2. Opt for square storage containers – Square storage containers are preferred since they maximize space. Round containers aren’t very space efficient and do not utilize the space maximally.
  3. Don’t get cheap containers – While buying new containers ensure that the containers you are opting for are of good quality. Opting for a poor-quality storage solution is not a very wise option, since you might have to replace them periodically. This holds true especially if you are storing them in places that are under exposure of elements like temperature, sunlight, humidity, rain. For long term storage, rain is the best alternative.
  4. Opt for a storage bed – If you have identified your storage space as your bedroom, then you must opt for a storage bed. Bedrooms often have maximum need for storage but the least amount of space to store all the stuff that you need to keep. It is not only practical but also looks very good.
  5. Wall-Mounted Storage & Organizers – Walls are usually very under-utilized as storage spaces. Wall mounted storage and organizers have enormous potential when it comes to storing things. Also, using wall storage spaces saves a lot of floor space and consequently, makes the room look less crowded and less cluttered.
  6. Don’t forget to add Hooks & Pegs to your list – Hooks and pegs are a subset of wall mounted storage solution. These can, however, be used on doors as well. Best alternative for when you don’t have enough room for a wall storage but the space is good enough to be utilized to store something.
  7. Switch to a storage closet – Plastic bins and makeshift bins are not a very attractive long-term storage solution. Instead, switch to a storage closet. It will not only give your room a more mature and organized look, but is a good option for stashing a lot of things at just one place.
  8. Above-Cabinet Storage – If you want to stack things that you use occasionally and require being stored a little more cautiously, above cabinet storage is the solution to your problem. The key in making high-up storage work is visibility. Use wire baskets instead of woven baskets to improve visibility in such cases.
  9. Over the door storage – Another largely under-utilized space are the doors. You can add shelves, pockets, hooks etc. to utilize this space maximally. All kinds of organizers can be installed on your door to optimally utilize your space. One must however, keep in mind that the storage option that is installed at the door is light-weight and is not too large to enable easy movement of the door.
  1. Storage Shelves – These are another important and widely used storage solution. There are a lot of options available for these storage shelves – from wooden shelves to metal ones, in all shapes and sizes. You can also get it custom-made. One must be very careful about what they are placing on these shelves though. Since everything kept in these shelves are visible, it is important that the items placed are properly organized.
  2. Dish Drying Rack – This is a very smart way to save up counter space. Install a dish drying rack above your sink. This not only saves up counter space but also reduces the effort you have to put in cleaning the water that drains from the rack.
  3. Multipurpose Furniture – If you are buying new furniture, always buy multipurpose furniture that you can use to store stuff. You can also repurpose old furniture for storing stuff by making very slight changes.
You may have umpteen things stored for years that hold emotional value and belong to a part of sweet memories. With the accumulation of more stuff, it becomes difficult to manage storage, but with My Storage, you don’t have to worry about it. Connect with us to know more.

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