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Coronavirus Updates: How are we tackling with our Services?

In the current scenario, the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are being felt all across the world and the supply chain! Fewer activities concerning manufacturing and logistics have led to the disruption of the entire supply chain as inventory levels are being hit at suppliers and the demand for storage facilities and warehousing are increasing. The industry is facing a huge challenge amid the lockdown as storage houses get clogged with an inventory. The coming months are expected to be as fluid as present as the lockdown situation and the COVID-19 crisis remain uncertain. At My Storage, our specialists are aiming to create transparency in the situation and identifying opportunities that will support customers as flexibly and rapidly as possible!
Many technology-driven storage facilities and warehouses are focusing on working out a system to comply with all government and health advisories while keeping their operations in motion. As we see retail and production lines trying to keep up with the supply chain, warehousing and storage facilities have become more vital than ever!
While we see many of them are facing the probability of closure, due to health and safety regulations which highlight the concerns of the safety of employees and workers during the pandemic. Under these circumstances, it is advisable that warehousing and storage facilities follow all preventive measures stringently and manage work with basic staff strength.
Warehousing and storage are dynamic and complex functions of the supply chain. Those who are a part of this network are feeling the urgent need for safe storage space. While these facilities cannot work remotely, they need to adapt to be safe amid the uncertainties.
At My Storage, we are keeping our gates open at this time! Our staff follows all compliance rules and regulations proposed by the Ontario Premiers by maintaining social distancing and following all government-issued directives and precautions. Even while we keep our operations moving, our facility is closed to the general public as we follow all the required health precautions. Please be advised all methods of payment, with the exception of AMEX, are still accepted within our offices. We advise our customers to knock over the front entrance on their visit and one of our My Storage site managers will quickly assist you with your requirement. We thank you for your patience and cooperation and hope to keep business sustainable!