How to Store Your Clothing
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Do’s and Don’ts of How to Store Your Clothing

Be it winter jackets or summer dresses, it can be an upward battle to store clothes sometimes. Follow these simple do’s and don’ts of storing your clothing to make keep your space tidy and functional:


Get a hydraulic bed:

With smaller rooms and less storage space, it gets trickier to find a spot for some clothes and seasonal wear which ideally occupy a lot of space. Hydraulic beds allow for ample storage that is hidden under the bed. Moreover, it allows easy access with a simple lift of the handle at the base of the mattress. The bed’s mechanism does most of the heavy lifting. You can store your seasonal wear and less frequently used clothes right under it to make more space in your wardrobe and keep your room tidy.

Hang instead of stack:

Stacking your clothes may sometimes occupy more space in wardrobes, shelves and drawers. Instead, find a corner or space under racks to attach a bar where you can hang all your clothes. While hangers will allow you to keep all your blazers, shirts and dresses neatly, you can make more use of these bars by adding shower curtain rings to them. This hack will help you store any scarves or tank tops allowing you to add more clothes to one bar.


Store unclean clothes:

Don’t store any clothing items before cleaning them. This can invite not just nasty odour but also other pests. Any food stains or residue may attract insects and create more harm than good especially with delicate fabrics like wool. Dry your laundry carefully before putting it away in closed spaces. Use mothballs carefully as per instructions and away from little children for safety. The mothballs will help in preventing any insects infestation.

Choose an unfavourable location:

Clothes need to be placed in dry places with cooler temperatures. Any kind of heat or moisture is likely to damage them. While heat may cause fading, moisture may ruin the fabric and its overall look. Don’t pick a storage space that is close to the sunlight, an internal heat source or might get affected easily by rainy weather. Try your best to keep a regular check on your clothes to avoid any unwanted damage or stains.
It can be confusing to make choices when you decide to organise your closet or room. These simple solutions work best for all kinds of clothes that you want to store away through the year.

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