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How Can Self-Storage Help You If You are Moving With Your Partner?

Moving in with your partner can be all kinds of amazing but the process itself requires planning and some organisation from both partners. Combining two apartments into one comes with its own set of challenges but self-storage helps you tackle them easily in the following ways:

Saving Extras

When you decide to move in, you are definitely bound to have duplicates of furniture pieces if not anything else. Two sofas, two sets of tables and chairs, the list goes on. While you may be moving into a bigger home to add in all of these, it doesn’t hurt to save these extras for a rainy day. Self-storage provides the space to store your inventory so you can access them as you please.

Favourites Only

You might not immediately find the right space for everything as soon as you move in. Besides the basic necessities, it can take a while for you to add in your favourite movie posters or designing your room with your memorabilia. In such cases, a self-storage facility can act as an extra room where you can pick decor or other items up from, whenever you’re ready to incorporate them into your new home. This also includes any seasonal items that you will probably use months after shifting. Instead of adding “clutter” to your new home, you can safely store your inventory in these facilities. This will allow minimal hassle on the day of shifting as you will have lesser items to pack and transport around.

Chipping In

Buying a storage facility together will allow you to not just share the costs for a larger space that will be at your disposal but will also help you declutter together. You can use your facility as a sorting space to decide what comes home and what stays in the storage (for the time being) making the logistics of the move smoother and less costly.
You can count on my storage for a variety of options when picking out a self-storage space. With these solutions, you can make the process of moving in simplified and hassle-free so you can spend more time with your partner and less time worrying.