How To Calculate Storage Space Required

When preparing to store your belongings, whether it’s for a move, decluttering your home, or simply making more space, estimating the correct amount of storage is essential. Misjudging this can lead to unnecessary costs or the frustrating realization that not everything fits. Many Canadians face this dilemma, but with this guide, you can navigate through the complexities of storage calculation like a pro.

The Fundamentals of Volume Calculation

First things first: volume is king when it comes to storage. In essence, volume is how much three-dimensional space an object consumes, and it’s typically calculated in cubic meters or cubic feet. The basic formula to calculate the volume of a storage box would be length × width × height.


For instance, a box that is 20 cm wide, 15 cm long, and 10 cm high has a volume of 3,000 cubic centimeters (cm³). To convert that into cubic meters (m³) — a more common unit for storage — you’d move the decimal point six places to the left, resulting in 0.003 m³.

Visualizing Your Storage Needs

Humans are visual creatures, and often we find it challenging to imagine our belongings in abstract numbers. My Storage suggests visualizing each item as being enclosed within a box – the ‘box method’. This not only helps in better understanding the amount of space needed but also prepares for a more efficient packing process, as most items will be stored in boxes anyway.

Using this method also ensures a bit of extra room is available, which is perfect for those last-minute items or for ensuring you don’t tight-pack your belongings. Tight-packing can lead to difficulties in removing items and the potential for damage due to the pressure of cramped spaces.

Storage Sizes and What Fits

My Storage offers a variety of unit sizes to fit your specific needs. Here is a quick rundown:

Small Units: Comparable to a sizable closet or half a standard garage, these units can generally hold a room’s worth of furniture or boxes.


Medium Units: Ideal for the contents of a one-bedroom apartment, including appliances, boxes, and small furniture items.


Large Units: These can typically house the belongings of a multi-bedroom home, including furniture, appliances, and numerous boxes.

But how can you determine which unit size you need? By cataloging your items room by room, and using the aforementioned volume calculations, you can attain a near-perfect estimate of the space needed for storage.

Why Accurate Measurement Matters

Calculating accurate storage volume is more than just a logistical concern — it’s financially savvy. My Storage operates with transparent pricing tied directly to the volume and time frame of storage, meaning accurate calculations translate to cost savings. Overestimating your space leads to paying for unused square footage, while underestimating can result in the headache of renting additional units.

My Storage: Your Partner in Storage

At My Storage, our customer-first approach extends beyond just providing space. We strive for a hassle-free experience, offering packing advice and materials, transport assistance, and the flexibility to alter storage plans as needed. 

We recognize that
every storage journey is unique — perhaps you’re renovating, relocating, or reorganizing life’s accumulated treasures. My Storage aligns with your objectives, offering storage solutions that are as dynamic as your needs.


Calculating the space you need for storage doesn’t have to be complex. It all boils down to understanding the volume of your items and choosing the right storage size. My Storage is dedicated to providing Canadians with a straightforward, cost-effective storage experience, coupled with tools and advice to ensure you get just the right amount of space.

Quick Tips:

Learn the volume formula: Calculate the length × width × height of your items to determine their volume.


Visualize with the ‘box method’: Surround your items with an imaginary box for a realistic gauge of needed space.

With these guidelines, My Storage patrons can confidently book the space that matches their storage contents, ensuring efficiency, affordability, and peace of mind!

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