How to Kickstart Your Self Storage Business?

The self-storage business is growing at a tremendous rate all across the globe, and the primary reason is pretty straightforward – lack of storage space in homes, offices, and facilities.
No one wants to go through the hassle and clutter of keeping things at their place, especially those that are not utilized very often. A self-storage facility is a perfect solution that helps people and businesses (of all scales) to keep their place organized and store their supplies, furniture, and equipment properly. Hence, starting a self-storage business sounds pretty lucrative and appealing. However, while considering this business option, you must understand all the aspects of a self-storage business so that you can judge if it is the right choice for you.

Need for a self-storage business

As we mentioned before, lack of space is the main factor that drives people to rent a storage facility. Here are some instances where a storage facility proves to be extremely useful.
  • For people who cannot stand the unnecessary mess in their homes. They can store furniture, appliances, old vehicles, and decorations in a clean space provided by the storage facility.
  • The same can be done for office equipment or inventory.

Market Research

Once you are certain that a self-storage business is the right choice for you, there are a few things that you must do to be well-prepared for what’s next to come.
Starting a new business requires a huge amount of commitment, time, and of course, money. If you don’t conduct proper market research, all your resources will go down the drain. Therefore, you need to gain a better understanding of the sector you are about to enter and analyze every factor very minutely. For thorough market research, you must study your competitors, their range of services, their prices, and their overall functioning process. This will give you a fair idea about the local demands and the costs and investments required for your startup. Further, you must be aware of the size of the storage facility required, the materials used for packaging, and other formalities that need to be done. For more specific information, you can refer to trade journals and websites.

Form a Clear Goal

After you are well-informed about this business and its technicalities, you must decide your business goal. What all services you want to include? At what scale do you want to run this business?
Define your expectations clearly so you can invest your time and money accordingly.

Create a Budget Plan

Depending on the size or scale of your business, you must draw a detailed budget that will include your estimated costs. This will help you to know how much funds you need to raise in order to get your business up and running. The budget should include promotional costs, initial material costs, rental costs, and the costs of maintaining an official website.

Make a Detailed Business Plan

If you want your startup to be a success, it is imperative that you create a detailed business plan that will consist of all the estimated costs, market research, and pricing schemes for your business. If you are planning to borrow money from external sources, then this business plan is extremely crucial. Here are a few things that you must include to make your business plan full-proof.My Storage covers a large number of services to make your experience as convenient as possible. We know the importance of quality customer service levels and remarkable storage facilities and leave no stone unturned to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Listed below are a few of our special features.
  • Summary of the business structure
  • Summary of the market research you conducted
  • Objectives and goals of the business
  • Budget and financial plan
  • Marketing plan

Space and Location

For a self-storage business, one of the most important requirements is the storage space and location. You need to choose your location wisely as it is the place where your clients will store their belongings. Pick a place that is easily accessible and has suitable conditions for storing things like proper hygiene, drainage, parking, security, etc.

Marketing Strategy

In today’s time, if you want to extend the reach of your business, you need to have a good marketing strategy. Be realistic with your goals and curate a strategy that fits your particular business plan. Give special attention to online marketing as the internet is the first place a person searches while looking for a suitable storage facility. Work on creating an online presence via social media marketing and SEO.

Customer Service

Once you start acquiring customers, don’t assume that your job is done! You need to reach out to your clientele to obtain feedback. Remember, client engagement is an integral part of marketing. This will help you to improvise on your methods and make your business more customer-friendly. Moreover, you also need to tend to your clients’ queries and provide them with updated and accurate information. This requires a prompt and efficient customer service team that will answer calls and emails.
If you need more tips for starting your own self-storage business, feel free to connect with us at My Storage.

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