How to Pack Boxes for Moving

Moving can be as overwhelming as it is exhilarating, with packing being one of the most daunting tasks. Whether you’re relocating across Toronto or simply stashing away your seasonal gear, knowing how to pack your boxes efficiently is critical. My Storage not only provides an array of storage unit sizes and free truck services but also offers moving boxes and packing supplies at most locations, simplifying your preparation process.

Understanding the Packing Process

Packing is not just tossing your items into boxes; it’s an art form that, when done correctly, can make your move effortless and ensure your valuables remain intact. At My Storage, we’re here to walk you through hassle-free packing and optimize every square inch of your storage unit with our top-tier supplies.

The Essentials of Packing for a Move

Start with the Right Supplies: Quality moving boxes and packing materials make all the difference. At My Storage, you can call us to inquire about the availability of our premium moving supplies suited to protect your items from potential damage during the move and storage.


  1. Choose the Right Box Sizes: Use a variety of boxes to accommodate different items. Larger boxes for lighter items like linens, and smaller boxes for heavy items like books, can avoid overpacking and making boxes too heavy to lift.


  1. The Bottom Line – Secure it Well: Before you start packing, secure the bottom of your boxes with strong packing tape. It’s key to reinforce the center and edges to ensure they hold the weight.


  1. Label, Label, Label: Once you’ve placed items in a box, clearly label each box with its contents and the room it belongs to. This will be a lifesaver when it comes to unpacking or locating items you may need immediately.


  1. Wrap for Impact: Fragile items require careful wrapping in bubble wrap or packing paper before being boxed up. For extra safety, any gaps in the boxes should be filled with packing peanuts or crumpled paper to prevent movement and potential breakage.


  1. Stay Structured: Packing similar items together, keeping box contents from the same room in the same box, and stacking boxes with the heaviest on the bottom and lighter ones on top, not only keeps you organized but also prevents damage.


  1. Keep it Tight, But Not Too Tight: While it’s crucial to pack items snugly to prevent shifting, overpacking can cause boxes to bulge and become unstable.


  1. The Final Seal: Close up your boxes well. A single strip of tape is a gamble worth not taking. Double tape the top and bottom seams, then tape perpendicularly at the top and bottom edges of the box.

My Storage Has Got You Covered!

When you choose My Storage for your moving and storage needs, you gain access to a suite of services designed to ease the stress of moving day. Along with our climate-controlled units and round-the-clock access, you can also rely on us for durable moving boxes and essential supplies. And remember, if you’re in Toronto, you can take advantage of our complimentary truck services to get your belongings safely to their new home.

Packing Like a Pro with My Storage:


Moving Boxes & Supplies: High-quality boxes and packing materials available at most locations.

Free Truck Service: Helping you move into your storage unit at no extra cost.

In Conclusion

Prepare for your move with the assurance that comes from using My Storage’s comprehensive range of storage options, moving boxes, and packing supplies. We’re here to assist in making the transition to your new space as smooth as possible, with everything you need available under one roof

Ready to start packing?
Call us at My Storage at 416 522 2222 to check the availability of moving boxes and supplies. Let’s make your move seamless, secure, and successful!

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