Simplify Life with Storage Units: From Downsizing to Divorce

Storage Unit

There are various times in our lives when hiring a storage unit is the greatest alternative for resolving a problem. Perhaps your children are away at university for the summer and you need a place to store their possessions; perhaps you’re moving and need a place to store your soft furnishings until your new house is refurbished and ready to move into. However, we’ve discovered that the following are the most typical reasons people use storage units.


 When you downsize from a larger home to a smaller one, you’ll naturally have less space for all of your belongings. Many retired people move to smaller homes, while others are parents of grown children who no longer need as many bedrooms. They’re looking for a place to store their belongings that no longer fit in their home but that they don’t want to sell or give away. It might be tough to part with furniture that doesn’t fit the available space, especially if it holds monetary value. You may keep your extra belongings while deciding what fits and what you can’t stand to part with, whether you’re moving from a house to a condo or a retirement center.


 Death is never easy to accept, and you may have to deal with practical concerns in addition to the emotional aspects of losing a loved one. Sorting through the belongings of a departed relative is not something anyone wants to do, but it will be essential to close their estate. If you’ve lost someone close to you, emotional items such as their favorite chair, a painting that was typically hung in their living room, or blankets or clothing that still have their scent may be saved to remember them by. It can be too hard to bear to give or sell those objects. Keep them safe and dry so you can decide whether or not to keep your loved one’s belongings in the long term. When someone passes away at a retirement home, you only have a few days to get rid of their belongings. As a quick and safe solution, consider buying a storage container. Often, a small 5×10 unit is sufficient (Here’s where you can check the size).


Unfortunately, divorce is all too common for many people, and it almost always compels one or both spouses to relocate. If you have to downsize or rent a furnished apartment, you will almost certainly have items that will not fit into your new area. You and your ex may disagree about who gets what furniture in the beginning, just as you may disagree about who gets the matrimonial home itself, but remember that you will need to decorate your own home eventually. Even if you don’t have room for them right now, try to conserve what you’ll need once the dust has settled. A bed, wardrobe, chairs, and personal items such as clothing can all be safely stored in self-storage units until you need more.

Self-storage units at My Storage are handy, accessible, and economical for anything you need them for. You may store your items in a clean, dry unit and purchase packaging and protectors to keep them safe. For more information, contact us .

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