Items That Shouldn’t Be Kept In A Storage Unit

Self-storage units are indeed a helpful solution for our storage-related problems. But, there are certain things that you should not store in a self-storage unit. Storing those items in self-storage units can become a very unwise or even dangerous decision for you.

My Storage has been handling several projects related to storage units for years. From that experience, our experts have summarized this portion to let you know about the items that you should not keep in a storage unit.

1. Perishable Goods and Food

You will never want your stored items to get covered with mold. And, there is a high possibility of that happening if you keep food or perishable goods in the storage unit. Also, such items can attract bugs and other unwanted insects. Hence, you should avoid storing food or such perishable goods in self-storage units irrespective of the packaging of other goods.

2. Animals

It is a fact that storage units are not for storing living creatures. Otherwise, it can be considered a great offense towards animals.

3. Combustible or Flammable Items

One should not store combustible or flammable items in a storage unit. The most hazardous combustible items are mainly petrol, oil, gas, paint, or cleaning solvents. All of these can pose a high risk of hazards to the storage facility. Hence, you should find a well-equipped place to store such items instead of keeping them in your storage unit.

4. Firearms, Explosives, Ammunition, and Similar Goods

We all know that firearms, explosives, weapons, or ammunition fall under the highly protected category. Any person without proper authorization or firearms license should not be allowed to access them. And, self-storage units are generally for common people. Hence, such self-storage units should never be a suitable place to store firearms, explosives, etc.

5. Human Beings

It may sound odd as human beings are not something to store somewhere. Well, here we mean that people should not turn a storage unit into their residence or workplace. Sometimes, people do such things to avoid renting an office or apartment. But, you must know that this is never a proper practice. Storage units are just for storing non-living objects.

6. Chemicals, Radioactive Materials, or Biological Compounds

Radioactive materials, hazardous chemicals, or crucial biological compounds can be stored only in a few authorized sites. These items mainly include acids, toxic waste, propane tanks, asbestos, kerosene, and similar flammable chemicals. Storing such compounds anywhere except their designated storage units can be tremendously hazardous and illegal also.

7. Illegal Items

It is pretty obvious that you should not store anything that you do not own legally. The illegal items and goods include counterfeit items, smuggled items like illicit alcohol, tobacco, unsafe goods, unlicensed medicines, etc. One should store such illegal items neither in their storage unit nor in their personal place.

8. Money and Securities

Money and securities are the foundation of most of the vital dealings of society. So, that makes them the most vulnerable components. Storing them in any common self-storage unit is one of the least secure solutions. One must consider keeping them in their specially designed storage facilities, such as safe deposit boxes.

These are the types of items that you should not store in a self-storage unit. You should follow this guide to have a good experience with your self-storage facility. However, you can get the best storage relates services from My Storage. To know more about us and our services, feel free to contact us anytime. Also, for more information on various storage-related topics, you can definitely check out our blog page.

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