Storage Unit Safety Tips: Keep Your Stuff Safe

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A clean and organized home is a dream for many and a realization for a few. Perhaps you might have decided to declutter and redecorate your home, or you may have bought some great antiques but do not have enough space for them in your crowded living area, or maybe you are thinking about selling your most favorite car due to lack of space in your garage. No matter what the reasons are, at some point in our life, we face a situation where we want to give away our precious possessions due to lack of space.

Take an Inventory

To save yourself from these types of situations, you can opt for a self storage unit facility to keep your valuable items secured yet away from your living space. But, before choosing any affordable storage units, your item’s security should be at the top of your mind. Also, whether you are storing your home valuables or any sensitive business documents,  make sure to select a facility that safeguards your assets.

Talk with management, and make a site visit right before renting to familiarize yourself with the safety measures and ambiance of the location. Check for a 24*7 video surveillance facility with all-time camera recording to enhance transparency and visibility. Connect with the management if the cameras are monitored in a timely manner by staff members or reviewed only in the event of a theft. Find out how long surveillance recordings are saved and what measures are taken in case of any theft.

Ask your facility manager to keep a record of all visitors. Ensure ample indoor and outdoor lighting in the walkways and surrounding areas to ward off intruders. Select the best lock that is resistant to bolt cutters, rust, and tampering, and always make an account of all your stored inventory to ensure that all your belongings are in perfect condition. You can also connect with people who already have their storage units at the facility. Ask them for their experience and problems they may have had with management or hear the praise they have to offer.

At My Storage, we strive to offer you the best self storage facility right at your fingertips.  We offer our facilities in 8 convenient locations across Ontario, Canada, with a range of different sizes of storage units to choose from.  If you need more information regarding the best storage unit, our team at My Storage would be happy to assist you. Connect with us anytime.

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