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Mini Storage Units In Toronto

Storage units are a great necessity in large cities. And, Toronto happens to be the largest city in Canada and the fourth largest in North America. It has always welcomed the cultures of diverse communities and has eventually become able to hold its position as one of the best cities in the world to live in.

To live in such a busy city, you will certainly need different kinds of storage units. Here we are discussing about mini storage units in Toronto.

Based on the objectives, small storage units in Toronto are classified into the following categories : –

Vehicle Storage

When you are out of your home for quite a period, the safe and secure storage of your vehicle is very important. Also, you will never want to spend a lot for any averagely large-sized storage unit for your small vehicle. Hence, storage units should be made of various sizes. Here is a classification of small to large storage units based on their sizes.

  • Motorcycle Storage (10ft x 15ft)
  • Snowmobile Storage (10ft x 15ft)
  • ATV Storage (10ft x 15ft)
  • Compact Car Storage (10ft x 20ft)
  • Full Sized Car Storage (10ft x 25ft)
  • Light Truck Storage (10ft x 25ft)
  • Cargo Van Storage (10ft x 30ft)
  • Large Truck Storage (10ft x 30ft)
  • SUV Storage (10ft x 30ft)

Here is a guide on the measurements of the storage units to select the best suitable for you.

  • A 25 sq. feet storage unit is normally a closet where you can store small items like books, children’s toys, small boxes, etc.
  • A 50 sq. feet storage unit is the best suited for a sofa, tables, mattress sets, and other accessories of a small bedroom or studio.
  • A 100 sq. feet storage unit can be enough for you to store all the items from a one or two-bedroom apartment.
  • A 150 sq. feet unit is ideal for storing all the contents of a two or three-bedroom apartment.
  • A 200 sq. feet unit can be used to store the contents of a three or four-bedroom apartment.
  • A 250 sq. feet storage unit can be perfect to store all the contents of a three or four-bedroom full-fledge house consisting dedicated dining room, hall, etc.
  • A 300 sq. feet storage unit can provide you ample space to store your vehicle along with all the contents of your three or four-bedroom individual house.

Student Storage

Specially designed storage options are also available in Toronto. During the summers and other vacations, when the class is out, students need to keep their valuable safe somewhere. That’s where our specially designed small storage units help the students. The 25 sq. feet units can be perfect for the students to store small appliances, boxes, electronics, twin mattresses, and other contents of their dorm rooms.

There are various other kinds of small storage units that we need for the small requirements of our business or home. But, whether it is a mini or large storage unit, you should look for the following advantages before renting the storage unit –

  • It should be easily accessible by walking or by transit.
  • On-site professional expertise in storage.
  • Cost-effective prices.
  • Drive-up access for your convenience.
  • Ground-level units.
  • High-capacity freight elevators.
  • Packing and moving facility by professionals.
  • 24/7/365 access to your storage unit.
  • Contracts with small tenures of a maximum of one month and with great flexibility in terms.
  • Robust security system.

This is a brief overview of the mini storage options available in Toronto. My Storage is serving its different classes of clients for several years now. To know more and to avail our services, feel free to contact us anytime. Also, visit our blog page for more information on several storage-related topics.

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