Must-Have Features to Look for in Self Storage Facilities

Self Storage Facilities

Ensuring your things are safe while they are kept in a storage unit is an essential aspect of selecting the right storage solution. Some storage companies aren’t quite as strict and reliable as others, and you might not notice this until something goes wrong. Thus, if you want to save yourself from sleepless nights, we always recommend choosing reputable self-storage facilities with affordable prices to prevent any theft or damage to your belongings and keep yourself protected against unnecessary tension.

There are a variety of precautions and features that you need to consider before choosing a good storage facility. We know that self-storage is fickle, but now you’ve come to the right place to find the perfect and most useful answer to all your questions. Continue reading to know about the must-have features to look at in self-storage facilities.

  1. 24-hour video surveillance. Always look for storage units with 24 hours video surveillance. The property needs to be well surveyed, and check digital surveillance is appropriately working. Digital surveillance is superior to tape storage as cameras provide enhanced visibility into who is coming and going at their facilities. Surveillance cameras also allow them to identify suspicious activities and notify security personnel.
  2. Password protection: It is crucial that the access system is password protected. When customers and employees have open access codes to go in and out of the facility, it is important to keep track of who has that code. Otherwise, anyone can misuse the trust.
  3. Ample indoor and outdoor lighting: It is necessary to have well-lit spaces throughout the self-storage unit in order to secure the setup. A proper lighting system ensures walkways and surrounding areas are safe from intruders and trespassers. This protects employees and tenants as well.
  4. Individual unit doors and locks: There should be separate doors and locks for every storage unit. With the help of this practice, the security systems can immediately dispatch emergency personnel in the case of an attempted break-in.
  5. Break-in Alarms: This practice can help to alarm the security personnel. These measures limit facility access to employees and tenants, resulting in reduced theft and unwanted visitors.
  6. Civil Defence: You need to check for perfect fire measures as it is critical for protecting life and property. Do not choose a facility that does not have the proper civil defense system in place.
  7. Police Monitored: Make sure that the facility is genuinely monitored 24/7 by the police authority. There should be a proper telephonic connection with the nearby police station.
  8. Well-maintained property: Thieves are more likely to attack facilities that are disordered and not maintained. Keep your property meticulously maintained and check for the proper fencing and secured access keypad. Try our most affordable self-storage Peterborough prices for best services.

As a customer, there are some of the things that you should ensure before keeping your belongings in any self-storage unit.

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  1. Keep essential items only: There are a few items that are not allowed to keep in the self-storage facilities. For instance, you cannot keep cash in the unit, as they are not covered by insurance. Always check with your insurance provider before you decide to store valuables in self-storage.
  2. Buy the best possible lock: Your locks need to be resistant to bolt cutters, rust, and tampering. All our branches, including Belleville storage units, have many options available for it. Subpar locks are not sturdy and very easy to pick or snip off; however, you can choose amongst cylinder or disc locks for better security.
  3. Keep an account of your inventory: While it can be intriguing for some, it is advisable to keep track of your inventory and make a list of all the items that you have stored, even if it has been withdrawn by you. It helps to assure you that all the things are in place.
  4. Do not give someone else the access code: Never give your access code to anyone else. Change your access code timely.

From choosing the right storage company to taking your measures, don’t take anything for granted. At My Storage, we pride ourselves on ensuring your belongings’ safety while they are in our storage facilities. For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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