Should I Rent a Self-Storage Unit?

Self-Storage Unit

There are several people out there who cannot decide if they actually need a self-storage unitor if it is worththeir hard-earned money. If you are one of them, then you are in the right place! Because today we are discussing when you can and should use a storage unit and when investing in it is not such a great idea.

When it is a Good Idea:

  • Moving, buying, or selling a home – A self-storage unit is one of the best options during the staging process of your old home to make it look more presentable and/or while you are waiting to move into your new home.
  • During home renovation –Renovating your home requires a lot of shifting and moving. During this time, a self-storage unit offers a safe and temporary shelter for your movable items. It also gives you a choice to re-plan your interiors once the renovation is done.
  • For a bit of extra space –If you are running out of space, a self-storage unit is an economical option that will cost you way less than upgrading to a larger home or apartment. Similarly, self-storage is great for anyone who wants to decongest their existing living or workspace by shifting items that are less often used yet cannot be discarded.
  • For your business inventory –Self-storage units are extremely useful for small business owners. Rather than renting a separate office or warehouse, you can rent a self-storage unit that matches your space requirements at a lower cost. Here you can store your office equipment, inventory, important documents,or business archives.

When it is a Bad Idea:

  • For items you don’t need or want –There are always a few items that are of no use to you – stuff that you don’t want, or maybe they hold some sentimental value,and you can’t let go of them. Trust us, storing such items in a specially rented space will only waste your money. It’s better if you donate them or find another way to get rid of them.
  • Storage you can’t afford –If you want to store some valuable or sensitive items that tend to expand or contract with temperature, the rent of the storage unit can go higher than usual as they would require temperature-control conditions. So, if you don’t have the budget, then this might not be a good option.
  • Long-term storage –Renting a storage unit for the short-term is a way better option than renting it for the long haul. This is because once you store your stuff away, chances are high that you might forget about it orput off making any decisions about what to do with it. As the saying goes – ‘out of sight, out of mind.’ In this case, a storage unit will only become a money sink.

Last Word

Before renting a self-storage unit, ask yourself a few questions –what are its benefits? Is it convenient for you? Are you saving any money in the long run? Or is it going to become an expensive liability?

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