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Are you renting a storage unit for the first time? We can help. Whether you need to rent a place temporarily to store your belongings or for long-term, storage units provide an excellent, space-saving solutions. Storage facilities are a secure, convenient and easy-to-find option for those who need storage. Young professionals often need to keep their belongings when moving to the city for a new job or further studies. As a young professional who lives in a modest condo or one-room apartment, doesn’t have enough space for storage. In that case, the storage unit helps a lot. A storage unit offers a wide range of unit size areas that can meet the budget of your professionals and personal needs.

What size storage unit should I rent?

My Storage has quite a few options in the sizes of storage units. You can choose amongst: 5’x5 units, 5’x10′ Units, 7.5’x10′ Units, 10’x10′ Units, 10’x15′ Units, 10’x20′ Units, and 10’x30′ Units. The larger the size, the bigger the area you’ll get to store your things. The storage unit sizes of full-service facilities vary widely, so be sure to check with the specific facility that you plan to use.

Storage Tips for Young Professionals

When you leave your home or start your own grown-up life, the biggest thing you have to decide is which things to keep and which to toss away. There are times when you realise that there are a few things that you might not need now but would love to keep in future. In that case, you can easily keep those things in a storage unit, and when you start your own family, you can keep your items back in your new and bigger house. Here are some things that you can store:

Regular sifting

Make it a rule to declutter your closet every six months in order to make space for new clothes. This will assist you in deciding on essential clothes that you’d love to keep. Start by getting rid of anything that you have two of, particularly items that you don’t use often. Then pack up anything that you don’t use and keep them away.

Store seasonal clothes

Toronto’s weather is quite unpredictable. The heavier the gear you use during winters, the higher the chances of them clogging up your closet in summers. Keep your winter and summer clothes in different spaces. Store your big and fluffy winter clothes in a storage unit to have enough room in your closet.

Sports items

For young professionals, sports items are so close to their heart, but they no usually use all year-round. In the off-season, when you are not regular enough on games, you can keep your belongings in your storage unit, not under your bed or anywhere in the house.

Vertical storage

When you don’t have ample space to work with, consider using vertical and hanging storage options. Closet doors, walls and hanging shelves are all excellent ways to maximize storage in a small space.

Digitize your paper and photos

A significant contributor to clutter is paper and photos, but it doesn’t need to be. Putting your pictures and important documents in digital format can help keep them safe, secure and out of the way.

What should I look for in a storage unit?

When assessing different storage facilities in Toronto and looking out for amenities, make sure to consider these key factors:

  • Climate control
  • Degree of accessibility.
  • A number of locks available.
  • Video monitoring availability.
  • In-person surveillance.
  • Pricing and contracts offered.
  • Sizes offered.
  • Overall safety and security of the facility.
  • For instance, how well-lit is the facility?
  • Do not forget to do online reviews of the facility.

We hope these tips helped you know what to look out for to help keep your belongings safe. Next time, don’t hesitate to contact My Storage, the best self-storage in Toronto and solve all your storage needs.

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