Storage Unit Restrictions

When it comes to keeping your cherished possessions in a self-storage unit, there’s much more to consider than just locking them away and hoping for the best. At My Storage, we understand the importance of not only providing secure, climate-controlled, and easily accessible storage solutions across Toronto but also educating our customers on storage unit restrictions ensuring the safety and legality of their property.

Understanding Storage Unit Restrictions: Why They Exist

The restrictions placed on what you can store within your unit are not only for your safety but for the overall integrity and security of the storage facility. Certain items are classified as risks due to their potential to cause damage, attract pests, or even contravene the law. To help you navigate these rules, we have compiled some insights into what should never find its way into your storage unit.

Perishable Goods and Food Items: A Strict No-No

Imagine opening your storage unit to find it has become a breeding ground for pests, or worse, a foul smell greeting you due to spoiled food. That’s why My Storage prohibits the storage of food products and perishables that can attract pests or spoil, such as fresh produce, dairy products, opened food containers, and plants. The lack of climate control in most units makes the environment unsuitable for these items, leading to degradation and potential health risks.

Hazardous Materials: Not in Our Backyard

The risks associated with storing hazardous materials are too significant to ignore. My Storage, like most facilities, strictly forbids flammable items (gasoline, lighter fluid, fireworks), combustible materials (oily rags, certain chemicals), and toxic substances (pesticides, cleaning agents like bleach and ammonia). These items can cause fires, chemical reactions, or health hazards that are not just a threat to your storage unit but to the entire facility.

Firearms and Ammunition: Store with Caution

While we understand that some customers may need to store firearms or ammunition, My Storage underscores the importance of following strict guidelines. Before storing guns or ammo, you must adhere to local laws and the facility’s security protocols, which could include additional locks, secure containers, and possibly even notifying the facility of such items.

Illegal and Stolen Goods: A Clear Boundary

It goes without saying, but the storage of illegal or stolen goods can not only bring about serious legal repercussions for you but can also damage the reputation and obligations of the storage facility. My Storage has a zero-tolerance policy towards such items, and we work diligently to ensure compliance through identification checks and monitoring.

Other Prohibited Items: Better Safe Than Sorry

At My Storage, we also advocate avoiding the storage of:


Living beings: Human occupancy, pets, or plants.

Wet items: To prevent mold or mildew, ensure things are dry before storage.

Excessive tires: While a few may be permissible, storing many tires can pose a fire hazard.

Tips for Compliant and Safe Storage

– Always inquire about specific facility rules since guidelines can vary.

– Consider investing in insurance for added security.

– Maintain a list of stored items for reference and insurance purposes.

– Regularly inspect your storage unit for peace of mind.


Navigate the world of self-storage with confidence by understanding and adhering to these fundamental guidelines. By doing so, you safeguard your belongings and uphold a secure environment at My Storage facilities. For insight into which unit sizes fit your needs or to reserve your own secure space, visit My Storage or call us at 416 522 2222.

Key Points:

  • Do not store perishable goods, hazardous materials, firearms without adherence to regulations, stolen/illegal goods, and excessive tires or living organisms in a self-storage unit.
  • My Storage offers secure, climate-controlled, and accessible storage solutions in Toronto.
  • Adhere to storage unit restrictions to avoid safety risks and legal repercussions.
  • To reserve a unit or for more information, visit My Storage’s website or call 416 522 2222.

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