Tips To Keep A Storage Unit Tidy

Storage Unit

A storage unit can be large enough to store all the contents you want to store but, its real worth is enhanced by its cleanliness. You will never like to keep your valuables in a dirty place and to clean each one of them when you are moving them to your new space. Hence, it is very important to keep your storage unit tidy.

My Storage is providing a wide range of storage-related services to its clients for years. With years of experience and expertise, we are mentioning some tips on how to keep your storage unit clean.

Dust Will Surely Come

Our surroundings are always filled with dust that we can’t see with bare eyes. So, hoping that no dust will enter your storage unit is pointless. Rather you should take care that the least amount of dust enters your storage unit and try to clean it regularly. However, dust won’t damage most of your contents but, you should keep your expensive lines and clothes safe.

Clean The Contents Before Storing Them

When your items are already dirty, what difference will the storage unit make? And, dirty items can also spread foul smell in the unit. Hence, you should clean the items before putting them in the storage unit. This way, at least they will initially remain tidy.

Store The Items In Containers

Plastic containers or any kind of air-tight containers can work as an additional barrier between your items and dust. Keep your items in such containers to avoid the formation of a layer of dust on them.

Keep The Large Items Covered

Covering large items like furniture, large belongings, etc. can not only keep them away from dust but, will also protect them from any kind of damage.

Maintain Proper Entrance of Fresh Air

Letting some fresh air into the storage can keep your items away from the foul dusty smell. Hence it is very important to give your items some space to breathe. If it is hard for you to visit the storage unit regularly, you should open up your unit at certain gaps.

Don’t Store Any Food Items

We all know that storing foods for long can surely spread a very foul smell. They can also attract pests and the place can become dirtier. Many people have a concept that sealed foods don’t attract pests but, that’s never true. In whatever format, any food is stored, pests will surely try to get in.

Keep Cleaning Supplies In Your Storage Unit

When you are in the mood to clean the storage, the absence of cleaning supplies can greatly demotivate you to proceed with the cleaning operation and your place will remain dirty. Hence, you should keep a set of cleaning supplies in the unit and clean it at certain intervals.

Avoid Keeping Things On The Floor

Keeping things off the floor can protect your belongings from any spill or leakage. If you keep the items arranged properly in different shelves or pallets, the leakages or spills from one product will not be able to damage the others. Also, this can help in air circulation and in keeping things organized so that you can get them easily at the time of need.

Make Proper Evaluation of The Contents

Many times, we store several things that we don’t even need ever but, they are left in the unit for long. And, an excessive number of items that don’t even move from their places, can create a real mess in the storage unit. So, you should evaluate the importance of the stored items at certain intervals and get rid of the absolutely unnecessary ones.

These are some of the best methods to keep your storage unit tidy. However, you can get every kind of service and assistance from My Storage. To know more and to avail our wide range of services, feel free to contact us. Also, check out our blog page for more information on various storage-related topics.

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