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      Living in the bustling city of Toronto often means limited space at home or work. Fortunately, our top-notch “self-storage near me” and “storage unit near me” are here to save the day! From personal belongings to business inventory, we have the perfect unit size to accommodate all your needs. Reserve your unit today and enjoy easy access to your items whenever you need them!

      Special Offer: 2 Months Free Storage

      My Storage Toronto  facilities have expanded! Enjoy exclusive offers on our new units: $19.99 for a 2×8, $9.99 for a 2×4, and $5.99 for a 2×2, all including 2 months free. This is a limited-time offer subject to locker availability, so don’t delay!

      Our Locations

      Searching for Self Storage in Toronto? Look no further!

      Welcome to My Storage Toronto, your trusted and affordable storage company Toronto. We understand the challenge of finding storage space in Toronto, but worry not, as we have the perfect solution for you.

      With clean and well-lit units, your belongings will be in safe hands at our secure storage facility Toronto. Our friendly staff is ready to assist you throughout your storage journey, ensuring a positive and stress-free experience.

      Reserve your storage unit with us today! We offer a variety of sizes to meet your needs perfectly. Don’t let storage constraints hold you back – store with confidence at self-storage Toronto!

      Types Of Storage

      Explore a diverse array of storage solutions meticulously tailored to suit your specific requirements. Whether you’re in need of storage for personal or professional use, spanning from short-term to long-term needs, you’ll find the perfect storage option for your possessions within our self-storage facility!

      Business Storage

      Guarantee the safety of your business essentials using our secure and conveniently accessible units. Take advantage of 24/7 surveillance and flexible lease options, enhancing your workspace efficiency without delay.

      Residential Storage

      Access pristine and secure units specially designed to cater to your household demands. Store seasonal items or furniture with ease, and secure your designated space confidently.

      Short-Term Storage

      Simplify your temporary storage needs through adaptable rental choices, allowing you to concentrate on your priorities while we efficiently oversee the storage process.

      Long-Term Storage

      Protect your cherished belongings within secure, climate-controlled units, offering extended leasing options to provide you with enduring peace of mind. Secure your storage space promptly!

      Indoor Car Storage Near Me

      In pursuit of indoor car storage? Be at ease knowing we offer comprehensive security and care for your vehicle. Locate us nearby and secure your space today.

      Self Storage Facilities for Sale

      Embrace the potential of lucrative investments! Explore the availability of self-storage facilities for sale and embark on the journey of owning a thriving enterprise. Delve into the various options and make well-informed investment decisions.


      Walk-in Closet

      This size unit yields 25 square feet of space. Although these 5×5 units are small, they are an excellent size to store all of your extra items, like garden tools, seasonal items, office supplies, or your miscellaneous boxes.

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      Mid-Size Bedroom

      This size unit yields a total of 50 square feet of space, perfect for storing an entire bedroom or office. Are you looking to remodel a room or office? Now you can have the space to keep all of the contents during construction instead of clogging up other rooms!

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      Family Room

      Did you just buy a new house and need to move out of your small apartment, but the house is still being built? This 100 square foot unit should hold all your items! It is ideal for storing an entire living room and two full bedrooms.

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      3 Bedrooms

      With 150 square feet of space, this large unit can typically store the contents of 3 bedrooms. This space is also ideal for larger items like televisions, pianos, couches, or tables.

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      Full House

      In-between homes and need to store all of your family’s belongings? This is the perfect space for you, capacitating roughly 5 bedrooms, and larger items like washers, dryers and refrigerators.

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      Large House

      Now this is some serious storage! This unit has a whopping 300 square feet of space, ideal for a 5 to 7 bedroom house, easily storing entertainment centers, refrigerators, beds, couches, and more!

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      The Benefits Of Choosing My Storage In Toronto

      Are you seeking reliable and secure storage solutions in the bustling city of Toronto? Look no further than My Storage! Discover the exceptional benefits of choosing our trusted storage facility, designed to cater to all your storage needs.

      Here are the benefits of choosing My Storage in Toronto:

      • Prime Location: Experience the convenience of easy access to your belongings at our strategically located facility in the heart of Toronto.
      • Secure & Protected: Rest easy knowing your items are in safe hands with our state-of-the-art security systems, offering 24/7 monitoring and controlled access.
      • Climate-Controlled Units: Preserve the quality of your belongings with our climate-controlled storage options, protecting them from temperature fluctuations and humidity.
      • Flexible Storage Choices: From small units to spacious self-service storage lockers, find the perfect size to fit your unique storage requirements.
      • Budget-Friendly Rates: Enjoy competitive and transparent pricing, ensuring you get the best value for your storage investment.
      • Exceptional Customer Service: Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is committed to making your storage journey a seamless and stress-free experience.
      Choose My Storage in Toronto and unlock the benefits of top-tier storage solutions tailored to your preferences. Whether you need short-term or long-term storage, our secure, accessible, and convenient facility awaits to cater to your needs. Experience the difference with My Storage – your trusted storage partner in Toronto!

      What Sets My Storage Apart

      Other Companies:

      • Standard Storage Units (Not Climate-Controlled)
      • May Have Less Convenient Locations
      • Limited Rental Options (Short-term or Long-term)
      • Potentially Higher Rates
      • Security Measures Vary (May Not Offer 24/7 Monitoring)
      • Limited or No Drive-Up Access
      • Customer Service Varies Among Competitors
      • Limited Options for Business Storage

      My Storage:

      • Climate-Controlled Storage Units
      • Convenient Location
      • Flexible Rental Options (Short-term and Long-term)
      • Affordable Rates
      • 24/7 Monitored Security
      • Drive-Up Access
      • Dedicated Customer Service
      • Business and Residential Storage Options

      Self-Storage Safety in Toronto: Your Trusted Storage!

      In the fast-paced city of Toronto, your treasured belongings deserve the best protection! Our reliable self-storage facility in Toronto offers top-notch safety features to keep your items secure. 

      With personalized gate codes and 24-hour access, you have the flexibility to access your unit at your convenience. Our climate-controlled units safeguard your belongings from temperature fluctuations, ensuring they remain in pristine condition. 

      Don’t compromise on safety – reserve your self-storage unit in Toronto today and trust us to guard your valuables!

      My Storage Products: Upgrade Your Self-Storage Experience!

      Discover the best storage solutions in Toronto! Our product collection caters to all your storage requirements. Find boxes and packing tape to safeguard your belongings. Competitive prices ensure efficient storage. Explore, select, and leave the rest to us. Organize your storage journey in Toronto with our top-notch products!

      Our Units

      Discover our top-notch storage units and self-service storage lockers in Toronto, designed to meet all your storage needs.  With a range of unit sizes and convenient features, you’ll find the perfect space to store your belongings securely. Rest easy knowing your items are in safe hands at our Toronto location.

      My Storage Toronto
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      17:37 03 Jul 23
      I have been at this place for 8 years. Never have to deal with staff or other customers. Just the way I like it!
      Marlene UrsabiaMarlene Ursabia
      18:35 15 Jun 23
      Thank you so much mystorage. We have a storage with mystorage on copeland for a few years now and just started using for the tire storage too. Amazing storage service and staff.
      Flavio PFlavio P
      20:42 31 May 23
      Great customer service Stephanie!
      Sotirios MadimenosSotirios Madimenos
      20:22 31 May 23
      First off, very clean headquarters and Emily was not only professional but knowledgeable and after looking at many other storage places she made my decision easy. Very clean and great location.
      David BowenDavid Bowen
      17:44 31 May 23
      My Storage have provided amazing service, follow up to questions and support. A very friendly seemless customer service experience as well as being very fairly priced. Excellent location and access.
      Jasmine MartinezJasmine Martinez
      03:11 17 May 23
      Terrible Service! My husband and I stopped using the storage back in October of 2022. We have asked for the security deposit of $50.00 back MULTIPLE times. The first time they told my husband that it was in the mail and should be coming. When I called and checked they had sent it to the wrong address. They told me to go to this address to check but I have been and it has not showed up. When I asked if there was anything that could be done the lady on the phone said it was up to Canada Post and they could do nothing! All we want is our security deposit back. If someone could reach out that would be great! But so far, not coming back here again.
      Get ThereGet There
      17:13 17 Apr 23
      Nice clean locker and location!Stephanie was a great help... Rectified any issues right away... Recommended if you like fast good service!
      Wenqi Yang (Vicky)Wenqi Yang (Vicky)
      13:40 12 Mar 23
      Updated review! It took a very very long time to get the deposit back! Has been two months and Still not shown to my account since we moved out. I have been very patient and asked for few times. You guys should maintain the good service after we stop using it unless you don’t care about the return customers. I have noticed my cancellation since December last year and now it’s March, I can’t believe it take so long for you to process the deposit refund, I have no choice to leave a review here for other customers should know this ! -follow up: I will try to call again but I have contact you guys about four times already. My name in there is Min Hang Zhou
      18:04 17 Mar 20
      The My Storage team provided all the services we needed in a professional and friendly way. The next storage space we need, we'll definitely be coming back!

      Visit Us in Toronto

      7 Copeland St, East York, ON M4G 3E7

      Business hours

      Monday 8:30 AM – 6 PM

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      FAQs about My Storage Toronto

      At My Storage Toronto, we offer a wide range of storage unit sizes to suit your needs. Our selection includes small units for personal items, medium units for furniture, and larger units for business inventory or vehicles. Reach out to our team, and we’ll be happy to assist you in finding the ideal unit size for your belongings.
      Your convenience is important to us! My Storage Toronto provides 24/7 access to your stored belongings. Upon renting a unit, you’ll receive a personalized access code, granting you round-the-clock entry to the facility. Retrieve your items at any time that suits your schedule.
      At My Storage Toronto, we prioritize the safety of your stored items. Our facility is equipped with advanced security features, including 24/7 video surveillance, well-lit premises, and secure access controls. Your belongings are in secure hands, and you can have peace of mind when storing with us.
      Yes, we provide a comprehensive selection of packing and moving supplies at My Storage Toronto. From sturdy boxes to bubble wrap, packing tape, and more, we have everything you need to protect and organize your belongings during your move or storage process. Visit our facility to explore our range of high-quality packing materials and ensure a smooth and secure packing experience.
      The average cost of storage in Toronto typically ranges from $40 to $300 per month, depending on the size and type of the unit you choose. Smaller units start around $40 to $100, medium-sized units are typically between $150 to $200, and larger units can range from $200 to $250 or more. Prices may vary based on the facility’s location and additional amenities offered.