What Items Cannot be Stored at My Storage Toronto?

Self-storage units, like the ones we offer at My Storage Toronto, provide a neat solution to make room in your living or working space. However, our facilities are governed by a set of guidelines from the Canadian Self Storage Association (CSSA), which detail what can and cannot be stored within our units. Here is a guide to help you understand the items that we cannot accommodate in our self-storage units, for safety and security reasons.

Items Not Permitted in Our Toronto Storage Facilities:

Food or perishable goods

At My Storage, we cannot accommodate perishable food items. These can attract vermin if not well packaged, causing possible damage to your possessions and those of others. This regulation includes pet food as well.

Living or dead animals

Naturally, living creatures, including your beloved pets, don’t have a place in storage units. Aside from being inhumane and against the CSSA rules, it’s prohibited by law. Dead animals, including those taxidermied, can create unpleasant odors and health hazards.

Flammable substances

Substances like gasoline, cleaning solvents, paint, and oils present a significant fire hazard. To keep our facilities safe for everyone, My Storage prohibits these combustibles.


Although it might seem a great temporary solution, storing plants is not allowed at My Storage as plants can die without sunlight and contribute to pest problems.

Firearms, explosives, weapons, or ammunition

Items that fall under the Toronto Firearms Rules 1998, like weapons or ammunition, must be stored in certified locations and not in self-storage units.

Hazardous substances

Materials labeled as potentially dangerous to human health or the environment, such as radioactive materials, chemicals, and biological agents, are prohibited at My Storage.

Strong-smelling or damp items

Items omitting strong odours or are damp can cause problems in storage units, from attracting pests to causing mildew; thus, they are not allowed inside our storage units.

Valuable currency, deeds or securities

At My Storage, while we ensure our clients’ goods’ safety, we strongly advise you to store valuable items like currency, deeds or securities in a secure safe deposit box for additional security.


Tires are generally not allowed in our storage facilities because they require specific and expensive disposal methods if abandoned.

Illegal items or goods

Any items that have been illegally obtained or are unauthorized, such as counterfeit or smuggled goods, are strictly prohibited at My Storage.

Lastly, it’s important to remember that our storage units at My Storage are not meant for residential or office use. It’s against the rules and the law to live or work in these storage units.

In conclusion, while our self-storage units at My Storage are great for de-cluttering and storing most of your household or business items, it’s essential to know what items can’t be stored. By following these guidelines, you ensure the safety and integrity of your items, those of others, and our facility.

If you’re planning specific storage needs or unsure about storing a particular item, we at My Storage Toronto are always ready to guide you.
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This guide serves as a general set of regulations. To obtain information about specific storage restrictions, kindly reach out to our team at My Storage.


Yes, it is fine to store a TV in one of our storage units at My Storage. However, we recommend ensuring that the television is properly protected. Using bubble wrap or specialized TV boxes to pack the TV can help prevent damage. Additionally, if your television is a plasma screen, it’s best to store it upright to prevent any potential damage to the glass.

Electronics can be safely stored in our storage units at My Storage. However, it’s essential to ensure they are adequately protected and packed to prevent damage. We recommend using original packaging when possible because it was designed specifically for your device. For more sensitive electronics or if you plan to store them for an extended period, we suggest considering our climate-controlled units to maintain a consistent temperature and protect from extreme weather conditions.

While storing some household items is perfectly acceptable in our storage units, we must advise against storing cleaning products. Many of these substances are flammable, corrosive, or reactive, and as such, they pose potential safety risks. The Canadian Self Storage Association forbids these types of materials in self-storage facilities, including My Storage. We recommend safely disposing of these products or finding an alternative storage solution.

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