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What Mistakes Should You Avoid While Using Self-Storage?

While self-storage is a comfortable way of finding a space for all your belongings for a long/short period of time, it is important to ensure that you don’t make avoidable mistakes through the process.
Here are some common mistakes that people make while using self-storage, take a look at them to make sure that you not only stay comfortable but also save time.


Before you even begin the process of packing, it is important to organise yourself. Try not to overestimate the size of the storage facility you need; it may lead to you being left with packed goods and no place to take them. Make sure you label all of your packages correctly have a clear idea of how many items you will be moving.
Transportation is an important factor to plan beforehand. This includes time management and deciding whether or not you want to take the entire transportation process in your own hands or hire professionals to do so. In any case, try to ensure you have the right equipment to manoeuvre items once you get to your storage facility. It is also essential to focus on stacking your goods and using your space wisely once you get to the unit.

Not protecting fragile items

The process of packing and transportation might lead to breakage or spoliation of any fragile items like glassware, mirrors, antique or vintage decor amongst other things. This means it is worthy to invest in some protective gear that will prevent free movement of these items in boxes such as layers of newspapers (a single layer is not enough help), make use of bubble wrap, etc as you move them.

Storing perishable/harmful goods

Since you may allow items to stay in the storage facility for long, it is not advised to store items that are likely to get spoilt and further spread any kind of bacteria, odour, spoilage, spillage such as raw or cooked food. Additionally, the process of packing and storing might change the condition of the goods as they are being transported. Pay close attention to any harmful chemicals or hazardous material that can cause accentual damage. Avoid storing any plants as they might not get enough resources to survive. Anything that requires extreme heat or cold may not be able to make its way through the storage period.

Neglecting insurance/security

Moving goods to a storage unit involves keeping an eye on your belongings. It always helps to keep confidential/significant items locked and insured. Check for insurance coverage plans that fit your list of goods in the best way to earn you damage control against several factors. Besides, having your goods insured will help you in keeping your mind free and at peace throughout the process.

Bringing in moisture

While it’s essential to store your items in a clean and neat condition, it also pays to check whether they have been dried out before movement. Dampness can lead to various problems such as moisture/mould build-up in the storage room. The dampness can also transfer to other materials such as any wooden items which can further spoil them and lead to damage or wastage. It also helps to pack your items susceptible to moisture damage in air-tight packages so you can move and place them around in the storage space. If large furniture items are stored directly on concrete or stuck against the wall, they might attract moisture underneath them due to lack of space. Make sure you use some form of height (such as pallets) to elevate your items which will lead to free flow of air.
Just paying a little attention and taking small steps like the above helps not only in keeping your belongings safer but also saves you money, time and effort in the long haul. Don’t shy away from planning your moving day well in advance to keep things in order and My Storage can handle the rest for you!