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What you need to know about climate-controlled storage

Climate controlled storage has become more popular these days. This is especially because more and more people are storing their luxury items and there is a need for storage facilities that are extremely secure and ensure very good quality of self storage. However, not everybody knows or understands what climate controlled storage is. It does sound like a fancy term or jargon that is thrown around easily. So, what exactly are climate controlled storage units and what should you be expecting from them?

First, let us understand what it means for storage to be climate controlled. Standard storage is definitely not climate controlled. We do have storage units that are temperature controlled. Often, many people consider the terms ‘temperature controlled’ and ‘climate controlled’ to be synonymous. However, that is far from the truth. Temperature controlled storage facilities only control temperature, as suggested by the name. Climate controlled units control the humidity of the unit as well. This is a very important distinction. Using high quality heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, climate-controlled units ensure that the moisture in the air is managed along with the temperature. This helps keep the items in it safer than standard units.
When ascertaining what level of humidity is ideal for a climate controlled storage unit, it is best to stick to around 55% relative humidity. In fact, unless there is a specific request by the tenant, climate controlled storage facilities generally try to maintain 55% relative humidity. Most items would begin to show signs of damage if stored in units with higher relative humidity.
Now that you understand what climate controlled storage units are, the next question is: what should you be storing in here? What are the things that need temperature and humidity control?
Art: Art can be difficult to store. In very extreme temperatures, paintings can shrink or expand. In spaces with high moisture, mold or mildew can grow and thus destroy the artwork.
– Delicate fabrics: Like art, if clothes or upholstered furniture made of delicate fabrics are stored in places with high humidity, they can grow mold or mildew.
– Paper: Many of us store important books, comics, photos, and magazines. However, these items often turn yellow with extreme temperatures and humidity. Furthermore, keeping these papers away from light also ensures that they do not fade.
– Metals and metal items: We know that metals react easily to moisture. Iron rusts, silver turns black, copper goes green, and lead eventually turns into a white powder. Storing them in climate controlled units prevents this oxidation from happening.
– Wood items: Furniture and instruments made of wood also need the ideal temperature and humidity to be stored effectively. Wood expands and contracts based on the temperature. High humidity causes wood rot and the growth of mold.
For items that are not very valuable in nature or don’t need to be stored for too long, you can consider a standard storage too.
There are benefits to using a climate controlled storage unit, apart from the fact that it keeps many items safe (as already mentioned previously).
1. The air quality in climate controlled storage units is very good. Standard units sometimes need you to open them from time to time in order to get some fresh air in. Climate controlled facilities do not need this.
2. Climate controlled storage units are usually found in buildings that have sealed and insulated walls, floors, and roofs. This means that the units are not as vulnerable to issues like dirt and minor flooding. Furthermore, the chance of insects or rodents finding their way into your unit is also very low.
Climate controlled storage units definitely cost more than standard storage units but this additional cost is definitely worth the service. In fact, the higher cost actually is insignificant given the fact that you definitely are more at ease because your items are being stored safely.
These are the details that you need to know about climate controlled storage facilities. At My Storage, we provide excellent climate controlled storage with a free truck service to move your items, 24-hour availability, and drive-in access as well. We are located in eight convenient locations: Toronto, Mississauga, Belleville (North), Peterborough, Trenton, Belleville (South), North York, and Sutton.