Why Furniture Should Be Stored in a Climate-Controlled Unit

Why Furniture Should Be Stored in a Climate-Controlled Unit

Climate controlled storage is a type of storage unit designed to maintain steady temperatures and humidity levels. These two are crucial factors while optimizing the environment in space because they operate together to create moisture.

Climate controlled storage is essential to maintain the furniture. Furniture is an expensive investment, and it can be a costly affair if it gets ruined. There are different materials and types of furniture which can be delicate no matter how extraordinary the quality is.

Leather is a natural material that is known to respond to its surroundings. One of the most sensitive materials, Leather can be affected by a change in temperature. In a high humid environment, leather can tend to rot whereas in a low humid environment the material can dry out and crack absorbing the moisture. 

More heat and more humidity equal more moisture; meanwhile, more humidity means more heat in the air and vice versa. By keeping both temperature and humidity controlled and steady moisture can’t form protecting the furniture.

Moisture can ruin any wooden furniture as well and cause it to crack, warp, or even rot once it gets into the material. It is necessary to control the humidity of the room therefore one needs to be very selective of the unit they are choosing. A climate-controlled unit can help keep all the furniture safe and at its best as it will not just control the temperature but the humidity as well.

Wrapping the upholstered furniture in plastic can restrict the air which is not ideal for storage. The fabric needs to breathe which is why it shouldn’t be wrapped in plastic. In non-climate-controlled areas, it can also accumulate bacteria and smell. Therefore, they should be stored in a cool and dry place.

Climate-controlled storage units keep your furniture protected and intact. They might cost a little more than traditional storage units but it’s important to maintain for furniture to last a lifetime.

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