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Whether you are building your dream car or wood working, we have a space for you!
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Workshops and Business Storage For Rent in Toronto and GTA

Workshop units in Toronto and GTA are available for various purposes, whether for hobbyists, car enthusiasts, woodworkers, or other small projects.
10×1524/7 ACCESS
150 SQ. FT
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10×2024/7 ACCESS
200 SQ. FT
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10×3024/7 ACCESS
300 SQ. FT
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20×2024/7 ACCESS
400 SQ. FT
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20×3024/7 ACCESS
600 SQ. FT
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* Prices listed are starting rates and are based on the availability as well as the selected locations.

** No Welding Painting, excessive dust, fumes or scents, oil changes or, use of water.

*** Operating Hours are from Monday – Saturday: 8:30 AM – 6 PM ,  Sunday 10 AM – 4 PM

Workshops and Business Storage For Rent in Toronto and GTA

My Storage offers diverse and flexible storage solutions across Toronto and the GTA, perfect for businesses of all sizes. From startups working out of home offices to multinational corporations, our tailored storage units are designed to optimize your inventory management efficiently.

With customizable spaces, climate-controlled options, and robust security, My Storage meets the unique needs of your business, ensuring your assets are stored safely. Our streamlined rental process and expert guidance make finding the right storage unit effortless, allowing you to concentrate on growing your business.

Explore My Storage for your business needs today. Whether you require a compact unit or a spacious one, we provide the versatility and security your business deserves. Discover the My Storage advantage, where your business storage needs are seamlessly met.

Workshops and Business Storage For Rent in Toronto and GTA

At My Storage, our specially designed workshop spaces provide the perfect environment for a wide array of creative and business endeavors. Located in select areas, these workshops are bustling hubs where entrepreneurs and hobbyists alike can thrive. Here’s a snapshot of what our renters are doing:

  • Business Operations: Streamlining product supply, inventory management, and shipping processes.
  • Automotive Assembly: Offering a space for car enthusiasts to assemble vehicles without the need for painting or welding.
  • Woodworking and Electronics: Creating everything from wooden furniture and decor to building and repairing electronic devices and circuits.
  • Arts and Crafts: Including textile, sewing, 3D printing, ceramics, leatherworking, and jewelry making, these workshops serve as incubators for both functional and decorative projects.
  • Custom Creations: From building custom furniture and pottery to engraving, DIY home decor, and instrument making, the possibilities are endless.
  • Innovative Projects: Engaging in robotics, bike customization, and upcycling projects, transforming ideas into reality.
My Storage workshops are more than just spaces; they are where passion meets practicality, enabling our community to craft, build, and innovate. Whether your project is a hobby or a full-fledged business, we have the versatile space to support your creative journey.

Explore The Benefits of Self-Storage for Your Business

Embracing self-storage with My Storage can significantly enhance and expand your business operations. Here are four essential benefits of using a self-storage unit for your business needs:


With My Storage, you have the autonomy to adjust your storage space in alignment with fluctuating inventory demands. Our business storage units in Toronto are designed to offer unparalleled flexibility, ensuring you only pay for the space you use. Tailored rental terms and easy access control allow for upsizing or downsizing swiftly, matching your business’s ever-changing needs without excess cost or storage dilemmas.

Enhanced Security:

At My Storage, safeguarding your business assets is our top priority. Our advanced security measures, including around-the-clock video surveillance, gated access, and personalized unit locks, provide peace of mind that your inventory, equipment, and documents are secure at all times.

Streamlined Efficiency:

Decluttering your primary business areas by shifting surplus inventory and equipment to an offsite storage unit not only optimizes your workspace but also enhances operational efficiency. With My Storage, you can reallocate your space towards more critical operational activities rather than mere inventory storage.

Experience the transformative impact of self-storage and propel your business forward with My Storage. Unlock the benefits and elevate your business today!

FAQs About Workshops For Rent

We offer a variety of workshop spaces in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) designed to cater to different needs, including woodworking, metalworking, electronics, arts and crafts, and more. Each space is tailored to support various creative and professional projects.

Yes, many of our workshop spaces offer 24/7 access, allowing you to work according to your own schedule. Please confirm the access hours when you book, as they may vary by location.
Yes, on-site parking is available at most of our workshop locations in Toronto, providing convenient access to your space. The availability of parking can vary by location, so please inquire about parking facilities when you book.

Renting a workshop space with us is simple. Start by contacting our representatives to discuss your needs and view available spaces. We offer flexible lease terms, ranging from short-term to long-term rentals, to accommodate your project duration and budget.

Yes, we allow a degree of customization in our rented workshop spaces to ensure they fit the unique requirements of your projects. Whether you need to install specialized equipment or rearrange the layout for better workflow, we’re open to discussing how the space can be adapted. Keep in mind, any modifications are subject to approval to ensure they meet safety standards and do not permanently alter the structure.