5 Easy Steps to a Tidy Storage Unit: Declutter Like a Pro

5 Manageable Steps for Cleaning Your Self-Storage Unit
Are you familiar with the chaos and dread associated with a storage unit cleanout? We’ll show you an effective method for how to clean out a storage unit easily and effectively! The key is to make a plan, and then take things one step at a time. Follow these simple steps for making your cleaning procedure easy.

Take an Inventory

Start by opening the boxes, and re-looking at the things you have got. Begin with a few boxes and gradually open the rest. Check the inventory thoroughly to see if there is something that you no longer need and could be sold or can be donated to charity. Take stock of what you can see and access for now, if items are jam-packed in the unit. An overstuffed unit will take extra effort and additional time to declutter so make sure to take out time before you start. Snap a few quick photos from various angles to ensure you capture everything in the space. This will help you design an organization later.

Develop a Plan

You can now strategize a plan of what to do, once you have an idea of everything that you have in your unit. Create a list of things that you want to keep, things you are giving away or donating, items you will sell, and items that can be trashed or recycled. With a solid plan in place before starting, one can work more efficiently. Breaking a large space down into smaller parts and conquering them one at a time improves morale, keeps you on track, and increases chances for success.

Cleaning out a storage unit is a hard job when you have large items to clean out from such as appliances or furniture. To move them you need a vehicle big enough to take them to another destination.

Recruit Helping Hands

Cleaning out a storage unit may need more than a single day. To complete this task sooner you should consider taking the help. For the task to finish faster, ask your friends and family or hire hourly labour to lend a hand. Any hourly moving labour service can help you move them in and around the unit or load/unload items.

Dispose of Trash

There may be rules or restrictions on what you can or cannot dump so take care of any items in your unit for the landfill. Most storage facilities have an on-site dumpster that can use. But if you have added trash than you can put in the storage facility dumpster, make a plan to haul it off-site yourself to a landfill or a recycling centre.

Make sure it’s clean and properly vented before you rent it or sign a contract. There will be several unit options available but choose the size that works best for you.

Load Up Your Items

Organize everything before you start with the cleaning of your unit. Maximize your storage space by installing Wall shelves, Tool hangers, Storage containers etc. 

Organize everything and get ready with cleaning equipment like Broom, Garbage bags, etc.

Once you have followed these steps, your space will look bright and clean!

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