How to decide what to throw away and what to keep
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De-Junking: How to Decide What to Throw Away and What to Keep?

A problem that most people face globally is their houses being storehouses of items belonging to the bygone era with dust settling on year after year!
The reason might vary from being frightened to disassociate from the past or accidentally giving away items that could eventually be useful. Difficulty with giving out possessions is a complicated situation that may arise from the fact that one might consider organizing a tedious job.
De-Junking is not an easy job. The value of an item to the owner may cause how they deal with the task. To kickstart the process, most people run into three problems. They might over prioritize an item. They may end up underestimating that an item in your house or storage takes up a certain space and cost that can be avoided.
To see decluttering as a blessing, it may help you to start afresh and get rid of items that are shabby and unwanted in the space surrounding you. The truth, after all, is that if you avoid throwing out unwanted items, not only is it about selfishness but also often a way to avoid change.
But adding onto all this stash in your ever-growing collection of items may contribute to stress. For example, a working desk with clutter all over it may cause you an unnecessary distraction and act as a stimulant when all you want is to sit and work in a clean and quiet environment. A decluttering formula is all that is needed. A decluttering formula will not only get rid of items taking up unwanted space but also clear the air by getting rid of mental and emotional stresses that might be correlated to these items.
When it comes to decluttering, there are a few questions to ask yourself. When was the last time you used this item? How often is it useful to me? What monetary and emotional value does it hold? Is it taking up unnecessary space and money? Is it outdated or replaceable? These questions could provide you with a quick guideline that will facilitate to know what to throw and what to keep. While items from the past that may consist of heirlooms and personal favorites may be considered invaluable but it still does not validate carrying everything around with you.
If there is a shirt that you wore nearly two years ago or an onion chopper that you have not used more than once in the past year, it can be given away. If an item is easily replaceable and can be bought online for a lower cost online or you have one too many similar items, they can be disposed off as well.
However, an obstacle faced while de-junking is when you want an item more than you need it, that gives rise to a dilemma of whether or not you should get rid of it. A way to deal with it is to see if something better along the same lines can be bought online and if it brings about increased satisfaction and efficiency. To relatively measure want against need is a helpful tool to make the decluttering formula work.
The key lies in the fact that de-junking not only helps in saving space and money. It helps in saving the mental energy that you expend on the clutter. When you know that your house needs organization and that there is an unnecessary load of unwanted items lying around, it significantly uses up your energy and reduces your attention span. It is similar to when you are asked not to do something but because you are forbidden from it, it only ends up increasing your curiosity towards it.
Therefore, it is important to adopt a de-junking formula that suits your interests and to live in a happy and clean environment. De-junking will help you to refocus on the things that are actually important. Not only will the things you have after clearing the clutter be of high value to you, but it will also leave you with a clean space allowing you to let your energy flow towards tasks that actually need it. This is the perfect formula for a clean house, increased space, and great mental health. If you find the idea of de-cluttering cumbersome and storage a problem, connect with us at My Storage for assistance.

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