How to Choose Between Different Types of Storage Units

Different Types of Storage Units

If you are searching for a self-storage unit, it can be not easy to decide the best one for yourself. However, there are ample options available out there for storing different types of items. Whether you have to store a vehicle, have a collection of antiques you want to keep safe and dry, or planning to move and need a temporary place to store some boxes, self-storage units are always there to serve your needs.

Renting an appropriate self-storage unit for your needs is essential as it ensures the accurate amount of space while keeping your belongings. Your local facility can recommend the best solution with numerous sizes available, whether that’s indoor or outdoor, climate-controlled, or a premium unit. Here’s a few important considerations before choosing from the different types of storage units available :

  1. Indoor unit or Outdoor unit : Choose between the place of the unit where you want to keep your things. With indoor self-storage units, you enter a building first and then walk into a hallway to get to your unit. Outdoor units are accessed from the outside, so they are not secured or encased in a building. Outdoor units are generally used for big vehicles.
  2. Find The Right Storage Unit Size : Once you’ve decided between an outdoor and indoor storage unit, you’ll need to pick the size that works for you. Our experts advise you to pick a slightly bigger unit than what you need as this allows you to keep extra items in there if you need them in the future.
  3. Storage Condition : The unit that you are choosing should be well maintained. The walls and floor should be clean and mold-free. The door should not have rust and should be properly painted. There should be proper ventilation and lock system in the storage unit too.
  4. Climate Controlled Storage Unit : The storage unit you are renting should be one where the climate is controlled so that your belongings are protected from being damaged from too hot, too cold, or too damp temperatures. The climate-controlled self-storage units might cost a little more than regular ones of comparable size, but if you really want to keep it safe and new, it is important to keep a check on the environment.

Choosing among the many different types of storage units available might seem overwhelming if this is your first time, but we assure you it’s not as hard as it seems. Connect with My Storage for the best self-storage experience.

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