How to Store a Car in a Storage Unit

Can You Store A Car In A Storage Unit?

Absolutely, you can store a car in a storage unit, and it’s a smart choice for many car owners in Toronto or other GTA cities. Whether it’s a sleek sports car that turns heads on the Gardiner Expressway or a vintage beauty that stirs up nostalgia, a storage unit offers a secure haven for your vehicle when not cruising the streets. 

Climate-controlled environments, robust security measures, and indoor parking options shield your auto treasure from Toronto’s wild weather and potential threats, ensuring it maintains its showroom shine and peak performance readiness.

When to Consider a Storage Unit for Your Car?

When you’re in Toronto and not driving your vehicle as much, storing it might be a smart move. Here’s why and when it could be best to use a storage unit for your car:

  • Winter Time: When it gets snowy and cold outside, keep your car warm and cozy inside a storage unit.
  • Long Trips: If you’re going away for a while, a storage unit is like a safe parking spot until you’re back.
  • Special Cars: If your car is too special to drive every day, a storage unit is a great place to keep it safe.
  • Not Enough Room: When there’s no space left in your garage, a storage unit is the next best spot for your car.
  • Save Money: If you don’t drive your car much, keeping it in storage might lower your insurance bill.
  • Seasonal Protection: Avoid the damage from icy streets and keep your car in storage.


  1. Gather all the tools and supplies that you will need before you store your car. You might need various cleaners and protectants, a tire gauge, plastic drop cloth, cotton cloth, mothballs, etc. You might also require plastic bags, duct tape, fuel stabilizer, WD40, jack, and jack stands during shifting. Make sure you have all the supplies to avoid last-minute ruckus.
  2. Make sure your car is clean thoroughly inside and out. Buff out the exterior portion, and after buffing, apply a good coat of wax. This will protect it from corrosion. You may also consider professional cleaning services.
  1. Clean out all trash and other debris from the interior of the car. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove pet hair, dirt, hair, dust and food crumbs thoroughly. Use a stain remover appliance to scrub away all the stains from the carpet and upholstery. You can also spray air fresheners to remove odours from the inside of your car. Remove items from the trunk of your car and clean the carpet in the trunk area as well.
  1. Wipe all the mirrors to prevent dirt and residue breeding for long periods of time that can cause rust and corrosion.
  2. Drive your car for a few miles before storing it to let the oil flow throughout the engine. This will keep the engine lubricated.
  3. Pull out the spark plugs and add about a teaspoon of engine oil to each cylinder. Finally, replace the spark plug with the new one. By doing this, the engine oil will coat the inside of the cylinders and prevent rust.
  4. Fill the gas tank tightly as it will prevent moisture and air from getting into your tank. However, if the storing unit is poorly ventilated, the gas fumes may create a problem. So, in that case, keep the gas tank only half full.
  5. The tire’s quality may deteriorate when sitting in storage for long periods. They can easily develop dry rot and flat spots. So, avoid using chemical products to make it shine as they will dry out the tires and increase dry rot. We advise overinflating the tires slightly to 37 or 38 psi to prevent flat spots. Make sure to have your tires checked for leaks and have them repaired before storage. Tires with an “H” rating or higher will do best in storage.
These are some of the few tips that you should definitely keep in mind. For any further assistance, connect with our experts. However, the concept of self-storage can help you immensely in taking care of your possessions with considerable ease and convenience. With My Storage, you can benefit from the better facility.

Finding the Perfect My Storage Unit for Your Car

Got a car you’re not driving around Toronto? Here’s how to pick just the right spot for it at My Storage:
  • Quick Trips: If you’re only out of town for a little while, you might not need storage. But if you’ll be gone longer, especially when it’s really cold, it’s smart to keep your car safe with us.
  • Special Cars Need Extra Care: If you’ve got a classic or fancy car, or just want to keep it away from Toronto’s tough weather, our inside storage is your go-to. It costs a bit more, but it’s like a cozy garage away from home.
  • Getting the Size Just Right: Don’t squeeze your car into a tight spot, but don’t pay for room you don’t need either. We’ve got lots of sizes, so you can find the one that fits your car like a glove.
We at My Storage know that your car is more than just wheels—it’s part of who you are. We’re here to help you keep it safe from all the snow, rain, and anything else Toronto throws your way.

My Storage: Your Easy Car Size Guide

Choosing the right storage size for your car at My Storage is easy. No need to measure anything – just use this guide to pick a spot that fits your car:

Spot for Smaller Cars:

Need a space for your small car? Our 10 x 15 unit fits just right. It’s perfect for city cars like the VW Golf, Mini Cooper, or Toyota Corolla, and even for those sporty two-door cars. This size means your car will have a cozy place to stay safe from the busy Toronto life and the weather outside.

Room for Everyday Cars:

Got a car you drive a lot? Check out our 10 x 20 units. They’re a good pick for lots of common cars, whether it’s a Honda Civic, a Ford Explorer, or any family car or medium-sized hatchback. With one of these, you’ll know your car has its own place where it can be parked safely and kept ready for your next drive.

Spacious Accommodations for Large Vehicles:

For the truly substantial autos like broad-shouldered trucks and luxury SUVs, or if you need room for more than one vehicle, our 10 x 30 units are precisely what you need. These expansive spaces are tailor-made for keeping your sizable rides – whether it’s a single large vehicle or a pair of cars – comfortably housed and shielded from the elements.

Park With Peace of Mind at My Storage Toronto

When you park your vehicle at a My Storage facility, you’re not just finding a place to leave your car — you’re giving it a home away from the bustling streets of Toronto. Whether you’re looking to protect your classic car or simply free up some space in your garage, My Storage offers a variety of unit sizes and top-notch security to ensure your vehicle stays in pristine condition, ready for its next adventure on the roads. 

Let us take the worry out of storing your vehicle, giving you more room to enjoy life!

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