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Four things to get rid of this quarantine

We are all mostly at home these days owing to the COVID-19 induced quarantine. As we look for things to do to keep us occupied, decluttering is something that comes to mind. Decluttering is one of those things that you know you are supposed to do but you procrastinate because there are just so many other things that need to get done. Now, while we are all at home most of the time, we are more aware of just how much clutter is there around the house. This quarantine is a good time to declutter as much as possible. In this article, we outline some of the things that you can look through and toss out in order to make more space in your home.

Clothes you do not wear anymore

Now that we are no longer going out much, most of us have resorted to sweatpants and PJs as full-time clothes. However, this is also a good time to really think about what clothes you need and really wear, and what you don’t. A lot of us have a tendency to buy clothes that we really like and then not wear them as much as we thought we would. Or sometimes, we save up clothes that we think we will wear later because we can fit into them later or there will be a special occasion for it. However, how often do we really go back to those clothes?
Start by going through all your loungewear. Then move to your work wardrobe. A good way to think about your clothes is: have you worn it in the last twelve months? If not, it is probably time to set it aside.
Clothes are not usually thrown away if they are in good condition. You can either sell them or donate them. Since that might be difficult to do right now, store them nearly in boxes or bags and keep them ready for when it is safe to sell or donate them.

Cosmetics and toiletries that may just have expired

With runs to the grocery store reduced, it is possible that you find yourself relying on soaps or shampoo that you bought a long time back. However, these products do have an expiration date. Go through the products and ensure that they are still within their expiry period. If they are not, they could cause harm to your skin. Toss them out.
This is also a good time to go through all your makeup. While you may love a certain shade of lipstick or really like your mascara, you have to remember that these products expire too. You can refer to this expiration date checklist to decide whether you should keep something or not.

Old mail and papers

Now is a good time to consider all the documents and papers you have saved up and see which need to be retained. The first things to go should be all the things you definitely have no need for: mailed credit card offers, expired coupons. The next thing to do is look through important documents: medical bills and old bank statements, for example. When going through these, make sure that you file the documents you decide to keep by category. This makes it easier for you to find them later. If you have a shredder, now is the time to put it to use. If you do not have one, you can always shred a few papers each day till you are all done.

Unnecessary kitchen appliances

We are all guilty of being over ambitious in our kitchen goals. So we excitedly buy items that then lie hidden somewhere, gathering dust. With more people spending time in the kitchen nowadays, it is a good time to evaluate what appliances are actually used and what are not.
Donating or selling these items is the best way to go. Since that is not possible right now, store them in bins or containers that can keep them free of dust. Ensure that they are dry and clean before putting them away. Once this is done, you can keep them in the attic or the basement. When the quarantine is over, you can donate or sell the items as you please.
So, how are you going to be decluttering now?