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Tips on Keeping Your House Storage Organized

We all know it’s important to declutter and stay organized around the house but the thought is usually put away because it can be confusing as to where to begin. Different items around the house require different ideas of storage and these tips and tricks can help you stay on top of things while planning.

One spot for all:

Most of us tend to create a mess as soon as we enter back from a long day. It can be tedious to place 10 different things our of our pockets and bags and into 10 compartments around the house. Simplify this process by adding a bowl, trinket dish or a ceramic plate somewhere at the entrance of the house. This way you can conveniently leave all your keys, wallets, cards, accessories, etc. in one place as soon as you enter your house instead of leaving them around the house.

Compartmentalized fridge:

While most fridges these days offer storage, you can add plastic or steel organizers to further allot spaces to the variety of items in your fridge. Fridge doors are an ideal space for bottles and cans, however adding a variety of square-shaped bins of different sizes can help you organize your fruits, veggies, and other containers better. Your fridge will also look cleaner thanks to the uniformity. Ensure to place frequently used items towards the front to avoid reaching out and creating a mess.

Section the drawers:

Every drawer in the house can be sectioned by placing separators or storage boxes within them. Due to frequent movement, items tend to get entangled or displaced in drawers if not placed carefully or in a stuffed manner. Storage boxes are available in different sizes and fabrics to carefully store everything from your makeup and accessories to socks and ties. Sectioning also allows you to make complete use of the space in your drawer.

Storing cables and other tech:

Gadgets, cables and other cords causing cluttering around the house easily. While it helps to contain the cords, it also worth investing in a storage shelf/rack that can store all your gadgets, devices while hiding the cords neatly. Individual cables can be tied with cable ties and stored neatly with cable trays to create a tidy look across the room. Likewise, you may also use adhesive tape to stick thinner wires to furniture, wall borders or the floor depending upon the placement of your furniture.

Laundry baskets:

It can be tedious and messy to separate clothes out of one laundry basket. Based on your laundry needs, it can help to invest in buying smaller, separate laundry baskets for your whites and colors or maybe all your linens/clothes and delicates. Different baskets will not only ensure timely laundry but also avoid overflow of any single basket at any given time.

Hanging items:

The best way to make use of all your space is to hang different items in your house. This includes an over-the-door hanger for clothes. Over-the-door hangers or shelves can also be used in the kitchen to store cleaning supplies including towels, soap bottles, sponges, etc. You could also add a towel bar in your kitchen to keep mugs, spoons, ladles in easy reach. Bars/adhesive hangers can be used inside your bathroom to store away all your hair products such as combs, clips, hairbands, scissors, and even hair styling devices. Cloth hangers are an efficient way to clear out your wardrobe – make the most of them by doubling them with a tab and hanging clothes closer to one another. Large-sized hooks can help is storing paper bags and handbags depending on their placement. In some cases, these cooks can also help in hiding ironing boards close to the wall, which helps in concealing them in areas like your closet or behind doors.
With a few adjustments, you can make your home cleaner, neater and more organised. However, if you feel like storing away seasonal items or goods that you don’t need often around the house, then it is worth renting out a custom storage space with us so you can find a safe place for them outside of your home.