Climate Controlled Storage Units Toronto

Are you in Toronto and looking for a storage solution that goes beyond just providing space? Look no further than My Storage’s climate-controlled storage units. Whether you’re storing delicate antiques, sensitive electronics, or important documents, protecting your items from the extreme temperatures of Toronto’s climate is crucial.

Why Choose My Storage For Your Climate-Controlled Needs

At My Storage, we don’t just talk about protection – we guarantee it. Our climate-controlled storage units in Toronto are designed to give you peace of mind, knowing your items are stored in a stable environment, no matter the season.

  1. Variety of Unit Sizes: We offer a range of sizes from small 5×5 units perfect for boxes and small furniture to large 10×30 units spacious enough for a three-bedroom house or a vehicle. This flexibility ensures you find the exact size for your needs.
  2. Access Whenever You Need: With 24/7 access, you can come and go at your convenience. No need to rush or rearrange your schedule – your storage unit fits your life, not the other way around.
  3. Drive-In Access: Our facilities also feature drive-in access, making it easy to unload and load items directly from your vehicle into your storage unit.
  4. Security and Insurance: Enjoy peace of mind with our comprehensive security measures, including surveillance cameras and advanced fire and smoke alarms. Additionally, free insurance coverage is included, providing an extra layer of protection.
  5.  Free Truck Service: To smooth your transition, we offer a free truck service for your move into My Storage units in Toronto, ensuring that your belongings are transported safely to their new climate-controlled home.

Our Climate-Controlled Storage Units “Near Me”

At My Storage Toronto, we take pride in providing a variety of climate-controlled storage units conveniently located near you. Our exceptional facilities are available in Toronto, Mississauga, Belleville, Trenton, and other locations. From compact 5’x5’ spaces, ideal for keeping smaller items secure, up to expansive 10’x30’ units, designed to house everything from household belongings to commercial inventory, each storage unit is fully equipped with:

  • Systems meticulously regulate temperature and humidity.
  • Sophisticated security setups for your peace of mind.
  • Continuous monitoring around the clock.
  • Convenient hours of access to your valuables

Navigating the variety of unit sizes can be a challenge, but you don’t have to do it alone. Reach out to us, and let our team at My Storage Toronto assist you in pinpointing the perfect storage unit size to accommodate your requirements.

The Benefits Of Heated Storage Toronto

Storing your personal or business items in a climate-controlled storage unit brings several key advantages, ensuring your belongings are preserved in top condition. 

Here’s a closer look at
the benefits climate-controlled storage offers:

Steady Temperatures for Sensitive Items:

Climate-controlled storage units keep a consistent temperature range, critical for items that may warp, crack, or degrade with exposure to extreme temperatures. This stable environment is especially important for antiques, musical instruments, and electronics that are sensitive to heat or cold.

Humidity Control to Prevent Damage:

A climate-controlled storage environment keeps humidity levels low, which is vital for preventing the growth of mold and mildew and protecting delicate items like artwork, documents, and clothing from moisture damage.

Increased Security Features:

Storage units with climate control often come with enhanced security. This means you might find added measures such as 24/7 surveillance cameras, secure access points, and on-site security personnel, providing extra protection for your valuable items.

Dust and Debris Minimization:

With controlled climates often comes better sealing against the outdoor environment. This results in less dust and debris finding its way into your storage unit, which is particularly beneficial for items that need to maintain a clean and pristine condition.

What Can You Store In A Heated Storage Unit?

A heated storage unit is the perfect sanctuary for a variety of possessions sensitive to environmental changes:
  1. Electrical Equipment: Protect your electronic gadgets and appliances from the damaging effects of extreme temperature changes.
  2. Leather and Wooden Furniture: Preserve the luxurious feel of leather and the integrity of fine wood against warping and cracking.
  3. Musical Instruments: Safeguard your cherished instruments’ quality and tune by preventing humidity and temperature damage.
  4. Photographs and Art: Ensure that precious memories and valuable art pieces are not marred by moisture or heat, which can cause fading and deterioration.
  1. Books and Documents: Maintain the legibility and preservation of important documents and literature, preventing the warping of pages or mold growth.


Walk-in Closet

This size unit yields 25 square feet of space. Although these 5×5 units are small, they are an excellent size to store all of your extra items, like garden tools, seasonal items, office supplies, or your miscellaneous boxes.

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Mid-Size Bedroom

This size unit yields a total of 50 square feet of space, perfect for storing an entire bedroom or office. Are you looking to remodel a room or office? Now you can have the space to keep all of the contents during construction instead of clogging up other rooms!

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Family Room

Did you just buy a new house and need to move out of your small apartment, but the house is still being built? This 100 square foot unit should hold all your items! It is ideal for storing an entire living room and two full bedrooms.

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3 Bedrooms

With 150 square feet of space, this large unit can typically store the contents of 3 bedrooms. This space is also ideal for larger items like televisions, pianos, couches, or tables.

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Full House

In-between homes and need to store all of your family’s belongings? This is the perfect space for you, capacitating roughly 5 bedrooms, and larger items like washers, dryers and refrigerators.

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Large House

Now this is some serious storage! This unit has a whopping 300 square feet of space, ideal for a 5 to 7 bedroom house, easily storing entertainment centers, refrigerators, beds, couches, and more!

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Get a Great Deal on Climate-Controlled Storage Units In Toronto

Looking to keep your things safe from the weather? With My Storage, you can get  climate-controlled storage units that keep a steady temperature, all at a price that’s easy to handle. We make sure your items stay in good shape, and we keep them secure for you. Ready to find out more? Get in touch with us and ask for a free quote on our climate-controlled storage units in Toronto.

FAQs About Climate-Controlled Storage Toronto

What is the best temperature for climate controlled storage? 

The best temperature for climate-controlled storage units typically ranges from 55°F to 85°F (13°C to 29°C), ensuring items are not exposed to extreme temperatures.

Is climate control worth it for storage? 

Climate control is definitely worth it for storage, particularly if you’re storing items sensitive to temperature and humidity fluctuations, such as wooden furniture, electronics, wine, or important documents.

What are the conditions for controlled storage? 

Controlled storage conditions usually imply a stable temperature and humidity level, commonly maintained between 30% and 50% humidity to prevent mold, mildew, and other environmental damage.

Do photos need to be stored in climate control? 

Yes, photos should ideally be stored in climate control to prevent degradation. Heat and humidity can cause photographs to stick together, fade, or deteriorate over time.

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