How To Save Money Using Self-Storage?

Save Money Using Self-Storage

Self-storage units have become the savior in various problems we face regularly. They can help us in several ways but without proper planning, they can cost us a lot. And, no one will ever want their solution for convenience to become a great way of drainage of their hard-earned money.

At My Storage, with years of experience and expertise, we are pointing out 7 ways to prevent your self-storage units from wasting your money.

1. Being Organized Is The Key

It’s a universal fact that if you don’t keep your things organized, they will occupy more space. And, when you are paying for a self-storage unit, extra space will affect you with excessive expenses. When you are unorganized about your belongings, there is a strong possibility that you will store things that are unnecessary to you and that will automatically reduce the usable space in the storage.

Also, you may dump something very important in the storage and end up visiting the storage unit repeatedly. So, these losses in the forms of money and time can only be ended by being organized.

2. Get Rid Of Unnecessary Things

We often store many things that we never use but just with a psychology attached with old things, we end up storing them. And, that becomes illogical ways of draining our money for storage.

Hence, allot some time and dump the absolutely unnecessary things to the waste or donate some of them to charity.

3. Set The Bare Minimum Requirement For Storage

If you don’t have a frequent need for the storage unit, you should go for a smaller unit. Decide how much smaller units can fulfill your core requirement before going to rent a larger one and waste your money. Also, as the plan to arrange your belongings in the storage unit, you can keep all the most important things closest to the door and can use the aisle space to access them.

4. Efficient Packing Is Very Important

If you have watched the professionals’ way of packing, you have surely wondered about how their efficient packing technique can only save a lot of space. Otherwise, if you engage more space with inefficient packing, you have to pay much more for a larger storage unit and for larger trucks when you move to another place. So, keep such a situation away by just getting accustomed to an efficient way of packing.

5. Don’t Store The Bulky Items In The Storage Unit

Large furniture pieces or other large appliances can cost you a lot if you store them in a self-storage unit. Instead, you can ask a close friend or any family member to allow you to keep some of the bulky items in their garage or any place that they don’t use. You can also lend some of the items to a local institution for some time.

Even if you pay a little amount of money to that friend or family member for the inconvenience, this act can save you a lot of money.

6. Share The Storage Space With Someone You Trust

Even if you rent a small or medium storage unit, sharing the space and the rent amount with someone you trust will save you a lot of money. So, before renting a storage unit, try to find a close friend or family member who has storage needs. It is a great partnership method of saving money.

7. Look Out For Discounts

Self-storage companies often offer plenty of discounts. You just need to carefully look out for them or ask the company for some discounts. Those discounts can normally save you an average of 10-25% of the standard storage unit rental charges.

Also, in some cases, you can negotiate with the owners and managers of the storage units to get a good deal. Mostly, they will agree to that if you are renting the unit for the long term.

These methods can help you save a lot of money while using self-storage units. My Storage is always eager to serve its clients with various storage-related services. To know more and to avail our services, feel free to contact us. Also, visit our blog page to know more about different topics related to storage.

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